Ryan Lock RIP

He didn’t have to go, but he did.
And 20 year old Ryan Lock (Berxwedan Givara) died fighting ISIS with the YPG..
Surrounded, wounded, he took his own life rather than be captured.
His body was flown back to London Heathrow and given a guard of honour by the YPG.

The coroner recorded a narrative conclusion which included:-
“During a battle with Islamic State Ryan gave his life fighting for a cause to which he had dedicated his all. He was a very brave young man. He died doing something quite clearly he believed passionately in. I think that has to be the memorial for Ryan. We’ve lost a heroic young man.”

Rest easy, in peace, with two others.
Dean Evans, 22, a dairy farmer, and former Royal Marine Konstandinos Erik Scurfield, 25.

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  1. Dear Lord, please bless and keep these young men in your arms. Young men who died fighting evil and trying to protect their fellow men from those evils.

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