The true caliber of our politicians

Brexit. That’s Britain regaining control of our lives, our country, keeping what is rightfully ours, shutting out those who would exploit our limited resources, and protecting not only our industries, but our people from Europe.

Except if you are a Tory politician called Gove.

There is a twerp called Gove. A disaster on two legs who has cocked up just about everything he has ever been involved with. Then some even bigger fool (that would be Theresa May) made him environmental secretary and this is the disaster on legs who wants Britain to dump all it’s internal combustion cars and go electric.

Only he’s not done yet.
Brexit was going to restart our once great fishing industry.
And Gove said on a BBC’program:
“When we leave the EU we’ll become an independent coastal state and that means we can then extend control over our waters to 200 miles.”

Only like all politicians, Tory politicians, the devil is in the detail and what he ACTUALLY meant was “Danish fishermen will still be able to catch large amounts of fish in British waters, even if the British leave the EU.”

Take a guess at what the reaction to this statement was?
Ukip’s fisheries spokesman Mike Hookem, saying that the UK’s fishing grounds were being “bartered away” as a Brexit bargaining chip. He also said:
“Gove’s comments prove the Conservatives [Tories] are not serious about regaining our fishing grounds and are instead looking to barter them away around Europe in return for Brexit concessions. The fact that Gove is now openly telling EU fishing nations that they will still have access to British waters post-Brexit proves a second Conservative betrayal of the British fishing industry is all but inevitable.”

Know what, he’s probably bang on target!
Still if Theresa May employs monkeys to do a man’s work.
This would be a typical result.

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