Lack Of Boat Pain

We’ve been off the boat for 4 months now and it’s not been good for either of us.
Our combined health is suffering caused by the stress of living in a house again, and our emotions are all over the place,  especially anger! That being directed towards realtors.
The other effect has been the loss of physical activity and that has taken its toll i.e. on piles the weight. 6 lbs actually. Why did we sell the boat again?

Anyway old injuries and lack of exercise (too milksop and pussy is house living) has increased pain levels for me to the ‘ouch’ level again so I’m back to regularly popping chemicals again. In short I’ve consumed more pain relief in these four months than in the last three years. With pain relief of this caliber (think 9mm in hot load 2Z), my power of concentration, let alone what cognitive thinking I ever had, is slipping quickly away to moron level.
p.s. The spiders are back!

Add to that LOADS driving long distances for SWMBO as we view houses (not doing her or me much good) and I can’t wait until we find somewhere, move in, and I can get back to a meaningful existence, i.e. doing the place up gently. Plus, if we get it right and find a decent enough place, we’ll both be foraging and growing veggies again. Real food at last!

Anyway, what did the doc say about it? “Get more exercise”, and gives me more pills.
Still I’m sat there, annoyed, and thinking “Really, how, where, and doing what?”
Nice guy, really, but I still can’t pronounce his name 😦

Ask most who live frugally, it’s NEVER about sitting around in couch potato mode, there is always something to do (unless you are a total idiot). Water, fuel, waste, almost constant maintenance, and just getting to and from the boat (sticks or not) was damn good exercise.

Sigh, time for yet another cup of tea.
That’ll burn off at least 20 calories.
I’d kill for a chocolate bar BUT that’s firmly off the menu for the foreseeable future!

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5 Responses to Lack Of Boat Pain

  1. gamegetterII says:

    About the only plus to living in your own home is the maintenance keeps you plenty busy.
    The reason ours is somewhat better than most is the 55 square miles of woods and river valley behind the house.
    That and both neighbors are not complete idiots and at least have some food stored up and own firearms.

    • I’m expecting a few raised eyebrows from neighbors as once again we fit multi-fuel, store water, grow our own, and go off grid as much as we can. Add foraging, a little bit of trapping, I can see the usual problems of “WTH” are you doing that for!

      • gamegetterII says:

        We have new neighbors – I figured they were going to tell me I was crazy for having 100 tomato plants.
        They just ask if we canned them all. They moved in too late to plant a garden so I offered to share some of the tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and zucchinni with them.
        That’s how I found out we have like minded neighbors.

      • Good when that happens isn’t it.
        Our last one phoned the police having seen me unloading a trunk full of rabbit, 3am in the morning.

        Apparently I’d been poaching.
        Luckily for me I was known to the police as a pest controller. They called, had coffee, and left with a fully dressed rabbit each. The neighbor raving at them that I needed to be locked up.

        Got to love people haven’t you (not).

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