EU’s Military Schengen Zone

The ability of allied forces to operate in Europe is still hindered by border restrictions which must be changed if the European Union wants the alliance to succeed. At present, forces have to battle past infrastructure challenges where roads and bridges are too weak to bear the weight of heavy equipment, and low-clearance tunnels and tiny air strips. In a bid to solve the problem, the Netherlands, as well as America’s top army general in Europe want to change that. In June, at a meeting of NATO leaders Dutch Defense Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert called on EU officials to create a military Schengen zone.

I get it.
When Russia didn’t ask for permission to ‘not officially assist’ Eastern Ukraine stand up to EU, UK, US, and the other monkeys attacking it. That apparently was a crime.

Once this zone is created, allied forces won’t need to ask for permission ‘and can just roll into someone elses country to ‘render assistance’ without asking for permission. Call it a sort of quick response pre-stamped by the EU government.

All military and political “bright ideas” usually include a bit of mission creep which could allow foreign forces (predominately NATO) to set up ‘staging camps’ to aid such movement. How convenient, foreign armies establishing bridgeheads on foreign soil, no politics or international laws, an armed invasion without firing a shot authorized by an unelected governance, the European Union.

I’ve only got one question after that.
Currently Eastern European states are deeply unhappy about refugees, the EU in general, and are establishing hard borders as we speak. So what happens if the newly formed European Army is ordered to enforce the EU’s will/ diktats regarding refugee movements? After all they won’t even need to ask for permission to enter will they?

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