War Losers

Trump Says U.S. ‘Losing’ Afghan War in Tense Meeting With Generals.

Got that right mate.
No one in modern times has won a war in Afghanistan so you’ve got to wonder about what they were taught about military history and how the hell did they ever think they could win?

Every time the West fouls up in the Middle East, all it does is breed more terrorism.
Only this time they can’t blame the Russians, BUT seeing as though I’ve mentioned them, I would like to point out that they also lost there but had the intelligence to pull out and not keep chasing an impossible dream.

Trumps right, the US brass are floundering, but firing them isn’t the answer.
Isn’t it time Trump acted presidential and pulled the troops out of a no win hostile theater.
I’d like him to purely because your puppy the UK will follow suit.
Of course there is a worry if he did.
The way the US whatever are working, the first thing would be a media assassination job and claims he was following advice from the Russians.

I think it is time to get a grip on reality, and save the troops.
Big business can look after itself.

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4 Responses to War Losers

  1. No one in modern times has won a war in Afghanistan…

    Sending another 4,000 troops to ‘win the war’ really makes a lot of sense!

  2. gamegetterII says:

    Wars in terrain like Afghanistan are impossible to win unless the plan is to burn every village to the ground, destroy crops and livestock, and starve the population.
    Not going to happen so better for everyone if the U.S. just pulls out altogether.
    All these nonsense middle east wars to ” stop terrorism” do is create more terrorists.
    Doesn’t help that U.S. drone strikes take out non combatants like wedding parties,or that the U.S./ CIA arm the wrong ” moderate rebels”.

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