Brexit and it’s getting farcical

Negotiating, even with idiots, you never lay out your strategy before the event.
You never quote figures or even suggest figures unless it is in a dynamic conversation i.e. you’re haggling! So for the UK “government” or is it their ex-spurts, to print in the papers about the forthcoming Brexit ‘divorce’ negotiations their limits?

How stupid is that!!!!!!!!!!!

Still here’s what hit the papers:-
“We know (the EU’s) position is 60 billion euros, but the actual bottom line is 50 billion euros. Ours is closer to 30 billion euros but the actual landing zone is 40 billion euros, even if the public and politicians are not all there yet.”

Additional sources confirmed that the UK’s bottom line was “€30billion to €40billion”.

Crap isn’t it.
We are divorcing them for broken promises, bad policies, destroying our workforce, culture, laws, and abuse.

In my mind THEY OWE US!!!!!

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