Giving money away

UK taxpayers are forking out £317,000 in aid to save coconuts in the South Pacific. The cash is being spent on projects in Samoa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea just in case crops vanish.

£317,000 JIC.
I wonder how many homeless could be housed for that amount of money?
How many extra operations in hospitals could be done.
Or vocational training courses provided for whoever wants one.

The country that never says NO just gives away money without sorting out its own house first. Part of £13 billion plus which forms the ‘foreign aid’ giveaway. Some of which has got to be used to sponsor or support terrorism.

What, untrue! So which of these countries is terrorist free?
Pakistan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Syria, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania, India, or Bangladesh. They being the top ten of recipients from UK’s giveaways.

We have our own terrorists in-house, in country, in Londonstan and the Midlands, so what about spending all that money here in the UK on policing, selectively targeting that group.

No? OK, we’ll just support an industry that is probably laughing all the way to the bar, growing coconuts halfway around the world.

Pathetic, truly pathetic.

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2 Responses to Giving money away

  1. shtfprepper says:

    I hate those type of things. I will always believe that the USA (and England, France, etc..) should take care of their country first. We shouldn’t support any other foreign cause that doesn’t directly help the USA. A country should build itself up and become strong, not only on the outside, but on the inside too (political, judicial, executive branch, etc.) If we did this, there would be cries of the liberals “Why can’t we help (___insert asinine issues__)? ” or “Don’t be racist and not provide aid to (__insert country with problems)? OK, I’m ranting at 4am, so don’t worry if I just rambled. Hurt my back pretty bad today, so extra pain pills.

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