Recruiting the enemy.

Talking about the British Army and recruiting figures, I’ve made a few well disparaging comments about why things have become so bad.

No employer loyalty in all sorts of ways, and a sheath load of personnel worries not being addressed, plus the destructive desire to be politically and ‘LGBT whatever’ correct in these backwards whoops, modern times’. It’s turning out to be a mess regarding recruiting let alone how to retain what personnel they have!

So, it was with a little chuckle, when I read in the media:-
Terror fears as jihadist’s try to join British Army – 250 recruits fail security checks.

Very tongue in cheek I would point out that the UK government has a history of sending “advisors” to conflict zones to train “moderate” rebels aka someone who today is considered a friend but yesterday was a terrorist. I wonder if any of them were in the 250 who failed those security checks.

INTELLIGENCE chiefs have warned that Brit terrorists returning from Syria (let alone the rest of the world) could try to enlist in the Army. Dur! Pretty obvious ploy isn’t it, but we are talking about ‘non intelligent’ intelligence officers, so it might have taken a little bit of time for the obvious to dawn.
A senior intelligence source said: “A terrorist who joins the Army could end up guarding the Queen or members of the Royal Family, while one who joined the Royal Navy could serve on board a nuclear submarine.
LOL, however it’s gratifying to know that the Air Force is safe from disaster!

Only it doesn’t stop there, and you so have to laugh (Because I did).
It is now thought UK-born Isis fighters could try to gain British military training back home. One of the main areas of concern is the Army Reserves, where recruits can learn how to defuse and make bombs in the Royal Engineers or the Royal Logistics Corps. Infantry units could also give potential recruits access to weapons.

Just imagine, army recruits given access to weapons !?! WTH is that all about!
As for signing up to learn about bombs!?!
I’m thinking some of them could probably teach the instructors a thing or two.

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