When you hear hooves, think horses

Except when the money think that, they’ll come up with Brexit every time to cover up with their failings, or that of the government.

New car registrations still down signalling weakening consumer confidence.
The Bank of England flagging weak private new car sales in 2017 as a signal of faltering consumer confidence.

So nothing to do with tax changes to new cars and the threat of your car being made obsolete by the insane government’s plans to outlaw internal combustion in all its forms.

Some people do actually think ahead and with cars soon to become museum pieces, why buy today to throw away tomorrow.

Think horses fools!

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One Response to When you hear hooves, think horses

  1. Of course, the use of horses will probably be banned because their excrement supposedly contributes to global warming.

    On a side note: I heard a radio show the other day claiming that pet feces(dogs & cats) are responsible for 25% of the emissions responsible for global warming. How long before there’s a call to eliminate all pets in order to ‘save’ the planet?

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