Why give this guy airtime (let alone oxygen)?

Controversial US film maker Michael Moore believes that Britain’s decision to leave the EU was wrong. Speaking on Channel 4 News, Mr Moore told presenter Jon Snow: “Enjoy your miserable life on your island.”

Mr Moore decided not to include the UK in his travels around Europe, saying: “There is nothing left to learn. You’ve become an adjunct to us – you have become too much like us.”

Interesting. If the UK is just like the US, does that mean the US lives a miserable life too?

Go forth and multiply fatty. (Only you’re probably too old to do that).
You’re comments, like your films, are just too boring for further words!

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2 Responses to Why give this guy airtime (let alone oxygen)?

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Michael Moore is a fat slob that just wants to push peoples buttons and create controversy where there is none. He’s in my top 10 of assholes I do not like. Fuck him.

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