The Worm Turns?

Well I’d like to think so but in Brexit and it’s getting so farcical I talked about the so-called EU divorce bill. It seems that the political hatchets are out at last although I’m not quite sure who they are aimed at (like I care). They can in-fight to their heart’s content provided it stops the giving of our money, UK’s money, to a corrupt institution.

So today, with a certain amount of pleasure, I read in the media:-
Hardline Tory Eurosceptics last night warned ministers they would try to block a Brexit ‘divorce bill’ of £36billion. MPs lined up to criticise the offer, calling it ‘illogical’, ‘absurd’ and even ‘illegal’.

Downing Street dismissed a report that the Government was considering paying such an amount. Well they would wouldn’t they? Once again caught out by the inevitable leaks that have become a part of modern politics.

In the mean time, our hero (sometimes) Nigel Farage is ranting well.
“The political revolution of 2016 with Brexit and with Trump was people voting for change, real, fundamental change. And here we are in the middle of the following year and that change isn’t happening.”

He added: ”What’s so frustrating on both sides of the pond is that there are people who masquerade as conservatives in order to get themselves elected and are now damaging the attempt for us to get a clean Brexit, stopping the President from getting his agenda through Congress.”

I just wish he’d be appointed to some position where he can supervise the idiots ‘negotiating’ Brexit aka giving the UK away.

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