Knackered, physically and mentally

05 h start.
As always a restless night and no pain meds as being stopped when driving having sucked opiates (prescribed or not) is a well big fine and possible loss of license by DUI.

So tired and sore from the word go, it was a day of 400 miles looking at Seven properties, all in the driving rain, with the GPS developing a sense of humor and taking us up and down every goat track in Wales, twice, from both directions!

As for floods? We only got stopped once as I wasn’t driving through a foot of water.
Then from the opposite side of the puddle, some 30 foot across, a fool drove into it at speed and whoosh, we got drowned. His vehicle steaming like mad and chugging and spluttering valiantly as it climbed out of its morning dip!

So, did we find a home?
Nope. Probably because we won’t pay good money for crap goods.
We have a basic ‘look for list’ and it starts with “is the property structurally sound?”
So, roofs sagging, tiles or slates cracked, slipping or missing altogether, chimney stacks splitting with descending damp down the stack because today’s modern DIY’er or ‘modern builder’ doesn’t think to put a vent in the fireplace to allow airflow, rising damp, sideways damp, subsidence cracks, bulging walls, outside drainage collapsing, tide marks up walls from flooding, the stink of sewage from blown pipes. They are all ‘indicators’, a kind of giveaway that all is not quite right.

Internally, doors won’t close, won’t open, plaster coming off the walls, (did I mention the smell of sewage), black mold, iron pipes weeping, quick paint jobs covering up rotting frame-work, floors that slope, free-standing cupboards being propped up by walls as the flooring sagged (that flooring being CONCRETE). Electricity services over 40 years old, with no test certificate, charring, cotton wrapped wiring, switches and sockets hanging off walls, light roses in ceilings pulled out as the roof beams had given up holding whatever from thin and cracked by age, drop wires.
Plus my all time pet hate, carpets that moved as you looked because the insects within them were trying to get out into fresher air.

Aw hell! What a crock of SH1T!

By mid afternoon we had two left to see and are well cheesed off.
Those two were slightly outside what we could afford but , you never know if an offer will be accepted so we looked.
My disdain of realtors is at an all time high as we went to see a new (untouched by human hand) house which we were informed on arriving that it had been sold.
So why are we here?
We had picked up a spare, a ‘have a drive by’ house to look at, and it was exactly what we were looking for. Some £20,000 more that can afford.

That was the straw that broke this camels back and I turned the car towards home.
Me thinking, why exactly did we sell our boat!
Both deflated, it took me a while to get my words right and I gently talked through the events of the day with SWMBO.
That’s 22 crappy houses we’ve looked at, over 1500 miles.
We’ve put in two offers on property, one was an out and out deception, a con trick which we pulled out of, and the other is being stalled by realtor greed.
There is only one other, a nice little house sat alongside a major road.
Been there, done that, hated the 24/7  noise. Somehow I don’t think so.

We’ve now met the full spectrum of realtors.
The good, the bad, the REALLY bad, liars, uneducated, untrained, I’m running out of words here. As for vendors? Jeez, the next time I turn over a stone, what I’ll find will probably be more trustworthy.

Where now? Serious mileage I suppose.
The next ‘cheap’ area is 200 miles away in the opposite direction.
Untrod ground, unknown by us.
That’s another thing to think about, you never know exactly what the local ‘protocols’  are.
It also has a major problem for me. I’m not multicultural or religiously tolerant and this area may be a problem for me. Still behind the hype and paranoia of white flight sits the half truth of the real situation and I’m not in a position to do anything else but go and see.

Machete in the door pocket and DIY mace on the dashboard.
I also might have to remove my crusader badge from the rear window.
Shame that but prudent I’m thinking.

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