It’s official, Brexit is screwed (and by default me).

Brexit has been watered down by some of the most insipid politics you’ll ever see.
In short there are three flavors of Brexit being discussed.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox is leading the ‘hard’ Brexit group with Boris Johnson, Chris Grayling, Priti Patel and Andrea Leadsom.

Thus 5 souls get my vote.

At the other end of the scale, Chancellor Philip Hammond is leading the largest group of cabinet members which include Jeremy Hunt, Justine Greening, Amber Rudd and Greg Clark who all want a ‘soft’ Brexit – and a long transition period.

The most wet, limp wrist, gutless, wimps of the Tory party.

In the middle, Mrs May and her de facto deputy Damian Green, are leading a group who believe the complexity of leaving the EU means Britain needs to negotiate transitional arrangements to ensure a smooth exit, according to analysis.

So actually that’s none of the above.
Which used to be called ‘sitting on the fence’.
It’s a case of not being to deliver on promises.
Caused by weak leadership and that’s a true blue, Tory trait.

Thus the government are on the point of letting down 53% of the population, about 40 million people.

You know if I was one of the EU leadership I’d be begging for a change of underpants as I would be wetting mine with laughter at how pathetic the UK government is.

Today, right now, I am ashamed to be British.

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4 Responses to It’s official, Brexit is screwed (and by default me).

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Pardon the language, but… Fuck the EU. Make it a hard disconnect / divorce. What are they going to do? Send Britain a bill? If someone’s pockets aren’t being line with money, however, it may take a while to leave the slowly crumbling EU.

    • It’s not the leaving that is getting to me, it’s the drippy, useless, jackasses of politicians.

      Personally I’d love someone to deport all the dross within a couple of weeks, and ALL the politicians. Then flood the chunnel, and authorize the use of lethal force for all illegals arriving on ferries or the beaches.

      There again that would take leadership with conjones. Theresa May as a prime example of why I think that way, both physically and mentally.

      Where are the decent street leaders, or dictators, when you need one?

      • shtfprepper says:

        Theresa May is seeing the error of her ways, but she’s still holding onto as much money as possible, for as long as possible. Stop the money, stop the bullshit.

      • What can you not teach an old dog?
        Besides the politicians goal is gold not commonsense or even public service.

        Invade us, someone, today.
        Dig up Guy Fawkes even!
        Blame it on the Russians, Korea, the LDS or BLM, for all I care. Someone do something!

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