Life is taking a retrodden path.

Way back in 2007 our life travels had taken us to the largest of counties in England, Lincolnshire. It was there that we honed our fortress prepping style, learned about off grid living, including the wonders of the Cess Pit for human waste disposal, low power everything, all about oil furnaces, and the delights of using a multi-fuel stove.
Plus we ate extremely well on whatever we could grow, forage, and I could trap or shoot.

Later on we moved on, actually onto the boat, and learned a completely new discipline of off grid living, prepping took on a different path, and boy did we have to learn how to live in an even more energy restrictive regime.

So, boat gone, I’ve put on 8 lbs, and living in a house is not doing the pair of us any good whatsoever. It’s way too easy in a modern everything house, you get soft.
Hot water on tap, as is clean potable water. Power is everywhere and there is no more emptying the ‘bucket’ or a half mile hike to and from the marina facilities.

Ho hum. So we’ve been frantically looking for a new home.
Somewhere where we can return to our preferred style of living (frugally), and a lot more physical! Only we’ve been looking in Wales!

(Where the men are men and the sheep are nervous)

It hasn’t got a lot for the money we have available BUT guess where we can go to?

Yep, we’re back up to Lincolnshire (aka Little Poland) again.
Are we going home?
For me I have no home port, my home is where I lay my head so maybe I’m just retreading old paths. With that thought comes a little bit of trepidation as I’m a firm believer that:-

“You can never go back”!

Anyway if we can manage to find somewhere, I’m drooling at the thought of fresh meat (aka RABBIT and other furry things in bulk), us having chickens again, a veg patch, plus a whole lot of foraging of wild berries and other freebies from the hedgerows!

As for SWMBO?
Well over the years she still calls the South Coast her home as that’s where her mother still lives. Yet she swaps locations easily and had this uncanny ability to make new friends!
If fact this is what she said we needed, a new project! (That and a kitchen of her own).

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next week.

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  1. DM says:

    fresh rabbit, garden patch and some chickens sounds perfect!

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