Scary time

RUSSIA and China have developed a plan to put an end to North Korea’s repeated threats and are urging the US the join them.

It’s getting a bit tiresome.
The world knows North Korea is dangerous but making constant threats of war and ramping up the tensions by someone who seems to have forgotten an election promise i.e “America First”. I don’t like it one bit.

I’m one of those who welcomed that promise of “America First” as a downshift in world tensions but what is happening here doesn’t sit well with me.
I suspect it also won’t sit well with others.

Trump has absolutely no idea, outside of CNN news (which he seems to abhor), what nuclear war will do and as such needs to STFU and stop trying to be all ‘macho’ because he’s a mere beginner compared to the world’s despots.
They on the other hand have little restraint when being threatened and facing B.S.
That and little regard for human life.

I’m also thinking every time Trump runs off at the mouth, Russia and China come out on top by sorting out ‘his problems’ by largely ignoring his bluster, using their own version of diplomacy, or efficient military intervention.
I’ve actually not got a problem with that as every time the US (or even the UN) gets involved mission time runs into decades not months.

Someone needs to either rein him in and stop the US military top brass from feeding him the misguided notion that they have actually won anything over the last 30 years.

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