Two thoughts, one problem.

Man charged with murder following car ramming incident as violence erupts at white supremacist rally in Virginia.

Although one died, the many social media, TV, and YouTube clips, showed both sides were as ‘guilty’ as the other of engaging each other.

On one side was Antifa, the usual racial dross, limp church figures, and the deluded.

As for the White ‘whatever’ side?
I’m not one for fascist, ‘we love Hitler’, purity through violence sects and TLA clans.
BUT to me, it’s a sign that some of the general population want a re-ordering within its society. One where the majority rule, not a minority.

Multicultural everything doesn’t work.
Only the politicians, religious and minority races, and a few deluded (hug a terrorist, rapefugee) individuals think it can.
The government policies anywhere are always appeasement in nature thus the minority THINK they have power over the majority. They literally feel empowered.

Only here is the kicker.
As a result a few minority ethnic groups, multicultural devotees, and various other pansy antifa groups have run riot.
A few of that filth then terrorized and killed many including children, civilians, military, and LEO’s through the US and European cities.
That tiny minority were probably thinking they could get away with anything, generally did, and all with what looked like tacit approval of the governments concerned.

That’s so wrong and you only have to look at the rise of the patriotic nationalist groups in Europe to see that many of their indigenous population recognize and abhor that.
Tensions are high there. Politicians are changing their view (more like panicking) on everything to do with multicultural issues now the population has started to talk openly about firing them!

That anger is real and if governments won’t sort out the problems the more patriotic population will. Their intent to solve the problems the politicians are too scared to confront using street justice. The clue about how far they will go being a rise in weapon sales. Slow to rile, now defying authority, all that screams danger.

And finally:-
The King Center, founded by civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow, Coretta Scott King, tweeted that “racism never left America.”

That’s True.
Only there is none so racist as an empowered minority.

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3 Responses to Two thoughts, one problem.

  1. shtfprepper says:

    And the loudest minority usually win, even when their “arguments” are still all about “deflect & redirect” which means they had no argument in the first place.

  2. jlm990 says:

    Interesting how a government can give a rally permit to a group of firebrands, then watch while another group of firebrands shows up to violently oppose the first group, and no police were placed between the two groups. Then when violence erupted, the police run off the first group that had the permit to begin with. I have no use for racist KKK types, but this looks to me like Terry McAulif wanted a violent confrontation for the left’s political purposes. The violence could have been easily prevented. It was allowed to happen.

    • I read this today:-
      “It’s easy to criticise [the police], but I can tell you this, 80 per cent of the people here had semiautomatic weapons,” Mr McAuliffe said.

      Ok, so how many rounds were fired?
      That would be none!

      The police were withdrawn. Who took that decision and why? If the police were taking fire I might have understood that, but they weren’t.

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