Military Veterans

I’ve just read a new bloggy thing and I kept thinking about Unison.

I’m thinking it’s a concept that some don’t quite get.
Some still thinking in terms of they were Army, Air Force, or Navy.
Three separate services they may be but all have one thing in common, we all worked for  Her Madge’ in the UK (or them for their country) in our own sometimes unique ways!

Then, at the end, we all left or were made surplus to requirements.
I’m thinking about the UK’s SDR fodder there.
Anyway, now they, we, are all just military veterans.
Ho hum.

Thing is quite a few of them go through the same stresses of leaving service life to mayhem aka civi street. Only without a united voice, what have you got?
A few ants squeaking at a bear with a sore head aka government.
Not one united voice attacking the injustices that government and civilian life impose on veterans. Just different groups of whatever doing their own thing.

You could argue that the British Legion and SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Air Force, Association) speak for us all.
Personally I’ve had more support from the Salvation Army than either of them!
Me bitter? Not in the slightest. If you can’t take a joke you shouldn’t have joined.
Besides I loath ex-officers (commissioned or not).

Anyway, ex-Mil, like-minded souls, helped me in the past as I helped them.
Pay it on so to speak.
Only the funny bit about it is none of us were in the same force.
Hell some I knew and worked with were once regarded as ‘the enemy’ but I would still trust them with my life and that of my own, today, even after many years have passed.

Musing about different associations of regiments, squadrons, units, ships, or whatever, the focus of many is inwards looking. Retaining the pride is good but they should serve the many because within that many are a few that won’t ask for help, won’t take help willingly, but even then some of the most desperate give help without restraint or thought of gain or acknowledgment. Those are the true MILITARY veterans.

I’d guess if you break them open it wouldn’t say Army, RAF or Navy. It would just say ex-forces! Some are now a bit grey, sometimes damaged, a few well past their sell by date.

Army, RAF, Navy, or whatever.
It don’t matter (to some).
We’re all just

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