Brexit negotiations collapsing

The Brussels bloc is insisting that, before a free trade deal is discussed, there must be “sufficient progress” on EU citizens’ rights, the amount Britain will pay in its “Brexit bill” and Northern Ireland.

So that’s a waste of time AGAIN.
March this debacle started, August and the going gets worse.
I’m wondering, when will the UK government grow a pair and call time.
Time that will lead to a full hard Brexit and the collapse of Europe’s bottom line as their exports to us are suddenly subject to tariffs of WTO levels.

Personally I’d like to see October come and the UK turn around to Europe and say “We’re done, we’re out, sod you!”

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2 Responses to Brexit negotiations collapsing

  1. shtfprepper says:

    So much for the will of the people when the bank account of politicians are threatened.

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