After the best part of three months, we’ve found a house.
Our bid was accepted, and the legal process is under way (sort of).

Except the day started early with SWMBO at home doing the computer searching and land line talking, and me doing what I do best, working on my own.

So it was 180 miles, 5 hours in total (most of that fighting traffic), and apart from a break every hour to stretch the legs, time looking in houses and fill in the paperwork, plus OTC meds to keep the pain down to a tolerable amount. I got to point the car home.

Only I felt dreadful.
Tired, still responsibly fit, but clerically fried (never liked doing paperwork) and having had to chat to lot of strangers (which I never do well), before driving home I thought a treat was in order.

I think I earned it!
Anyway my idea of a treat? Chinese food!
So black bean chicken on a bed of chicken fried rice and the joy of two pints of lemonade on orange squash plus a ton of ice to wash it down, yep, I’m feeling GR E  A  T after that!

First good news, no traffic.
Well sort of. Only the GPS started to develop a sense of humor.
Turn left into a dead-end sort of way.
Later on, turn left twice back down the same road but the opposite way,
I really hate that so while having one of the increasingly frequent breaks, I turned the damn thing off and opened the map book.
Way out of my comfort zone, I gave up thinking logically and picked a major road going in the general direction and blindly followed it until I started to recognize home.
Know what?
After not so smart programming costing me 15 miles and about an hour (me constantly reminding the GPS that it’s predecessor met its end against a rock), I got home with only that additional 15 miles on the trip meter i.e. 375 miles.

I’m shattered today and disgusted with myself.
When night working 300 miles a night was the norm.
OK that was a few 😉 years ago, but oh boy, mad dashes off around the country are out from now on!

As for my ‘ouch’ level today? Medics all ask the same thing.
On the scale of 1 to 5, how much pain have you?
Then they always laugh when I say 6!
I saved the hard stuff for when I got home.
That took two cups of tea and an hour to kick in.
Not good eh? Still, way I see I know my current limits.
375 miles, over 14 hours, 10 of them actually behind the wheel (with frequent rest stops), provided I refuel with a damn good Chinese meal half way through.

Hardly survival food aka MRE’s
But hey, we’ve all got standards!

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2 Responses to Result!

  1. DM says:

    That is the best news I’ve heard all day…and I have had several good things happen…ie found our lost cat, got paid for my latest job, and got off early so I can squeeze a power nap in😪

    • glad you found the cat and got paid for your work Doug!
      Now it’s all paperwork and waiting for OTHER PEOPLE to get the ball rolling. Have chased it twice. already.

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