The US disease

I get it.
It’s an interlinked globalist world but how come the US keeps spreading its perverse liberal thinking onto the UK.

First you export the BLM movement. Thanks a lot (not) for that by the way.
Antifa followed soon after. Charming little scumbag’s they are too.
Now your stupidity with destroying American History, statue by statue has contaminated the weak of mind here and in particular some woman called Afua Hirsch, a writer and columnist, of Ghanaian, English and Jewish heritage, born in Norway.

Is seems she wants Nelson column be toppled. (Link)
Being a Guardian columnist, is that any surprise?
I suppose that adds to the general misguided clamor from fools that led to demands by yet another foreign born agitator Brian Kwoba who wanted the Cecil Rhodes statute removed.

The university’s chancellor, Chris Patten, telling students that if they could not embrace freedom of thought, they may “think about being educated elsewhere”. (Good man!).

If you can’t sort your own house out, kindly refrain from exporting your drivel to us.
We’ve got enough problems with Europe at this moment without you stirring up the great unwashed, unintelligent, weak of mind, racist, feral masses.

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7 Responses to The US disease

  1. shtfprepper says:

    “The past should not be comfortable. The past should not be a familiar echo of the present, for if it is familiar, why revisit it?” (not my quote) My take? Idiots abound these days. The minority that yells the loudest usually wins. If no one stands up to them, then we all lose.

    • Yep, agree YET those who do stand up, them who abide by the law, are then penalized for doing so.
      Recent classic case in the UK.
      A group of gypsies illegally set up on a public park. The courts were too slow to do anything about it and the local population (mainly young parents and pensioners) grouped together to chase them off. The police used dogs to disperse the law abiding with the illegal gypsies yelling insults at them from behind the police lines.
      Police dogs on pensioners and families with kids.
      Makes sense doesn’t it?

  2. equippedcat says:

    We don’t export this stuff; we’re too busy fighting amongst ourselves. It’s just that stupidity is so attractive to the stupid, that they copy the stupid stuff we do. But of course, behaving stupidly is natural to the stupid, and if they were prevented of learning of our stupidities, they would probably eventually stumble on them by themselves.

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