Don’t tell anyone, Trump was right.

London Tube Bomb.
When Trump said the terrorist was on the police radar, he should have said “Was he on the police radar. Apart from that, he was bang on.

The 18-year-old Iraqi refugee who planted the subway train bomb.
He was said to have been in frequent trouble with the police and authorities.
Sources yesterday said that his behavior had become so bad that he had been referred to Prevent, the Government’s de-radicalization program, which aims to turn potential extremists away from terror.

Thus, once reported, he should have been on the police and security services radar big time. The only questions after that has got to be:-

“Was he on the watch list, or did someone not do their job?”

So it seems when Trump spoke, the embarrassment SHOULD have been with the British Authorities.

A final word.
The ‘PREVENT’ program.
The Home Office said that last year around 42,000 people participated in 142 Prevent projects. More than 150 journeys to Syria had been thwarted, it said, including Family Court interventions that stopped 50 children from 20 families being taken to a conflict area.

42,000. Do we have a problem within the UK or what?

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