No sign we’ll leave that we were there
No mark of passage we will make
Friends are left with fond farewells
Promises to write a familiar note.

A road so long it hurts the mind
It’s an early start and rain to fight
Hope is what will drive us on
Two plus Dawg in our little car.

Tired I am before we start
Mind confusing memory and thought
This has to be the very last time
The will is strong, the body grows weak.

Three more trips 500 miles
Roadside teas are always a smile
Unknown places to be driving through
A mattress for a bed we don’t yet own

If all goes well a lock I’ll fit
Stuff we’ll drop off bit by bit
New land to walk and people to meet
A whole new life for us to greet.

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  1. jlm990 says:

    Best wishes on your new beginning!

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