Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion (RSDL)

Below this post is a product for decontamination of chemical Agents.
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I have ‘difficulty’ with this product simply because of the way most chemical agents are dispersed i.e aerosol aka micro-droplet form, vapor and gases from cylinders, or low yield ‘bursts aka IED’s, agricultural, or industrial ‘accidents’.

The Chemical of CBRN.
It’s going to be unlikely that someone will be lobbing gas shells from afar near me but with the increasing use of drones (home-made or not) and long-range missiles, you can’t rule that out.
Add a high-jacked crop sprayer and the potential to saturate an area is a real one.
IED’s and other ‘terrorist friendly’ dispersal methods are usually confined to a local area, BUT what it hits generally gets saturated. (Building AC units a good example of how to take out a building without fuss aka boom.)

And all you’ve got is a few pads?
Ex-mil will know that to decontaminate military style, you should have been wearing your MOPP before the event. Then pads (my time it was fullers earth) HELP but you know it doesn’t stop there.
Previously you would have been swallowing tons of pills which every grunt in the world hates and injections of whatever gunk “Big pharma” wants testing.
All ‘just in case’, preventative measures. Ex-mil will know about the injectors you also carry into a hot zone but they are generally only used AFTER someone has worked out what the hell you’ve been hit with. After that it’s a wash down and decontaminate.

BUT as for John and Jane Public in down town UK or a US city?
How many people even carry a FFP3/P100 mask and closed goggles, let along a full face mask equivalent. OR even a Tyvek hooded coverall and gloves?
I only know a half-dozen who do (as part of their EDC) and they are all ex-mil and long-term preppers.

What will happen to John and Jane Public is their clothing, ‘baggage’ and exposed skin, is going to be wetted, and the substance inhaled or it will soak into their skin. Thus you will end up with badly contaminated internally and externally souls and many tastefully coated vehicles or street furniture..
The demo shows Provodine iodine.
OK, you can see that but Sarin and Tabun gas? They are both colourless and odourless.
Vx in gas is odourless too but the material itself is either yellow or brownish.
(Sticky and has a long persistence)

To the uneducated know this?
Do the public even know what some blister or blood agents smell like?
I think not.

Realistically the best you can hope for is to find a cool shower and go to town with the soap having stripped off everything you are wearing and chucked it out of the building BEFORE hitting the shower, not after!
Quickly too, within minutes.
After that?
What do you do with what you have swallowed or inhaled?
What if you start showing symptoms?
Some effects can take hours before noticeable effects are felt.
Realistically you need immediate help.
The chances of that happening quickly after a major gas/droplet release?
Zero to Zip I’d say.

As for those Pads?
What you can’t see or feel isn’t going to be found even with a buddy cleaning you down unless you are wearing appropriate clothing in the first place. And lets face it, how many buddies will remember to wash behind your ears let alone theirs.

  • Educate the masses first,
  • Know the danger, how to recognise it, and what it does.
  • Make people think about what the immediate actions should be.
  • Promote carrying basic NBC/PPE/MOPP protection,
  • Learn how to decontaminate yourself and others in an austere or domestic setting

Then think about antidotes and them snazzy pads.


rsdlA beginning Prepper will start out focusing on the basics: Beans/Bullets/Band Aids. And hopefully the training that goes with them. As time goes on and experience increases, he hopefully becomes more adept at identifying those threats that have the potential to cause him harm, and to start mitigating them. And expanding his equipment and supplies.

At some point you have to decide if a chemical/biological/nuclear threat scenario is something you need to concern yourself with. And that you need to equip for. Some preppers will, some wont.  I covered protective masks some time back.

Emergent BioSolutions  makes a product they call Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion. It has been used by the United States Government as well as other agencies. They sent me one of their packets, but I have decided not to open the packet. I will rely on published data instead. The purpose of these kits is to decontaminate your hands, arms…

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    Our MOPP suits were HOT within 30 mins and we seemed to practice with them only in the summer. Dirty bastards.

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    Just read your latest. There was no place to leave a comment…didn’t want you to slip off w/o saying “good by”! (I still have swmbo’d blog feed so I know where to find you) 😉 Stay in touch! DM

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