10.7 et adieu.


I have been increasingly alarmed by current affairs moving us towards what may end up as World War 3. It seems I am not alone with many prepper friends saying the same thing.

To that end, I am shifting into high gear in preparation for the inevitable storm.
The storm that is predicted to occur, by far more knowledgeable people than me,  in Late Spring, Early Summer.

Spring is due to start March 20, Summer Start June 21. 75 days and counting.

I so hope they are wrong!

So I’m now concentrating on how we are going to survive the first few hours of  chemical, the fourteen days for nukes, and probably more than thirty days after a biological incident. In short the CBRN of war. Thus I’m getting all my equipment, stores, and other material in order for these worst possible scenarios.

As of now thoughtfullyprepping is going 10.7.
Email will still be answered.

Have fun, work hard, stuff PT, dig like crazy, and catch you on 11 meters. 26FB962.
May your God go with you.

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