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After the best part of three months, we’ve found a house. Our bid was accepted, and the legal process is under way (sort of). Except the day started early with SWMBO at home doing the computer searching and land line … Continue reading

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President of lost causes

Donald Trump commits more US troops to Afghanistan and calls on Britain to follow suit. RU-Fk’g DEMENTED or What! The West has already lost the Afghanistan War like EVERY OTHER peacekeeping, liberating, anti communist, anti Taliban, anti Mujahideen, anti-whatever, force … Continue reading

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Brexit negotiations collapsing

The Brussels bloc is insisting that, before a free trade deal is discussed, there must be “sufficient progress” on EU citizens’ rights, the amount Britain will pay in its “Brexit bill” and Northern Ireland. So that’s a waste of time … Continue reading

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The problem is Antifa

Tens of thousands of anti-racism protesters have opposed the “Free Speech” rally in the US city of Boston that featured right-wing speakers. Anti-racism? No, well perhaps a few, mostly it was Antifa, the same hooligans and domestic terrorists that caused … Continue reading

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Military Veterans

I’ve just read a new bloggy thing and I kept thinking about Unison. I’m thinking it’s a concept that some don’t quite get. Some still thinking in terms of they were Army, Air Force, or Navy. Three separate services … Continue reading

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Just read this and feel free to comment.

A UK 97-year-old WW2 vet.

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When “Politically Correct” trumps action

The UK’s security minister Ben Wallace speaks:- “Extremists were trying to carry out attacks in the UK because they were either unable to join IS overseas or had returned from there.” (He got that right at least). His solution? “If … Continue reading

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