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Words of wisdom.

Profound words from America Injustica RECOVERY is a path, a road to something better, whatever that might be for a given individual. RECOVERY is a haven for the souls lost to the torment of emotional shock; RECOVERY is a step … Continue reading

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Extreme Scenario Planning.

The head of the British Armed Forces, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, has warned that Russia could cut off the UK by severing undersea communications cables. How many are we talking about? OK, a few! I’m wondering how the … Continue reading

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A US Law Enforcement Toughie?

Yahoo News (TP Edit). A 93-year-old woman was jailed for a couple of days after refusing to leave a care home. I wonder, did law enforcement have to deploy their Tactical Response Team? After all a 93-year-old in a wheel … Continue reading

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Road Trip for 2017

To visit a sick relative and to stay with our friend for Christmas, who is more like family than family! 06 h start, icy, slippy, basically horrible, and in the dark. Arriving at his house 310 miles later, in pouring … Continue reading

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Street lighting and situational awareness

The Assistant Chief Constable for Lincolnshire Police has told Councillors that more of an effort will be needed to target the public perception and fear around changes to street lighting. “For many lighting is not just a source of light, … Continue reading

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The NHS fail again.

(RT) Children as young as ten are being asked whether they are confused about their gender in a new survey distributed to schools by the National Health Service (NHS). Critics have called the question ‘intrusive.’ The survey, conducted by the … Continue reading

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The gentle sound of:-

CRUNCH! And a car takes to the pavement just outside the house straight into a wall. The reason? It’s -7 C, a heavily iced up street, and the female driver looked about 12 years old. The owner of the wall … Continue reading

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