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The UK’s MoD is the enemy

I read today about an ex-soldier who left the Army with PTSD and later fought against ISIS was arrested on suspicion of pension fraud and dragged from his home in handcuffs by Ministry of Defense officials. He was getting an … Continue reading

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Flump screws the pooch again.

Global powers, including key US allies, have said they will stand by the Iran nuclear deal which US President Donald Trump has threatened to tear apart. Mr Flump (whoops) Trump said on Friday that he would stop signing off on … Continue reading

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Is the UK going to war with it’s medieval manpower levels?

The Armed Forces are preparing for a potential war with North Korea, sources have revealed. Officials have been instructed to draw up plans for how Britain would respond if war broke out with Pyongyang amid heightening tensions between the West … Continue reading

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Navy, what Navy?

THE Royal Navy is facing devastating cuts which could reduce the UK’s ability for amphibious warfare, according to Newsnight. Wanna guess why? The price for building them stupid aircraft carriers. Those shiny new toys that are about as useful as … Continue reading

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MINISTERS were accused of surrendering to Brussels last night after pledging that British troops will continue to serve in EU military forces after Brexit. So there you go. I’m wondering now how many Brexit voting, truly British, armed forces personnel … Continue reading

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Fallon Get Twitchy

UK’s Defense Secretary Fallon says “London is at risk from North Korea‚Äôs nuclear missile program” as DPRK’s advances in missile technology puts Britain under threat. So exactly how are you going to defend us Fallon? After all you spent the … Continue reading

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UK armed forces in jeopardy (Again)?

The brown sticky stuff has hit the fan spectacularly and no one in power, including Fallon, the UK’s Forces Minister, seems to understand just how dire things are. All because a few jerk off ‘s, who should know better, like … Continue reading

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