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Morale crusher

Almost 200,000 troops face ‘unacceptable’ delay to pay rise because of Treasury red tape. April before they get told if they are going to get a decent pay rise is now June. The delay is  actually just a clash, a … Continue reading

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A big fat target

BRITAIN’S state-of-the-art HMS Queen Elizabeth could be rushed into service early to fight dictator Kim Jong-un, Admiral Lord West has revealed. Great idea Admiral. It would make an attractive target for the odd ‘Made in the DPRK’ crowd pleaser. Only … Continue reading

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OC 617 Squadron on the F35.

The 37-year-old Wing Commander John Butcher is the officer commanding 617 Squadron. Recently completed his first flight inside the multi-million pound stealth F-35B jet, describing the experience as “something else”. Quizzed on what he thinks the original members of the … Continue reading

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Military Chiefs are looking into it?

Military chiefs launch urgent investigation after two war veterans from same unit kill themselves just days apart. They can look as hard as they like but once they reach “chief” status, most probably haven’t got a clue about real life … Continue reading

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Navy hits the political center stage

Gov.UK 2017 is set to be the year of the Royal Navy as it prepares to welcome new ships to the fleet, following one of their busiest years since the end of the Cold War. Look mum. A Navy boat … Continue reading

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Someone speaks with a forked tongue

Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood who battled to save police officer during Westminster attack threatens to resign over cuts which could see Army lose 12,000 soldiers. Ex-forces, the wimp wrist in the government would do well to listen to him! BUT … Continue reading

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Britain rules the waves (if there are tugs around).

HMS Diamond, Destroyer. It cost £1 billion to build, and is reported to have had problems with a propeller two months into its nine-month mission. It is now said to be heading back to the UK after the mechanical issue … Continue reading

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