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Street lighting and situational awareness

The Assistant Chief Constable for Lincolnshire Police has told Councillors that more of an effort will be needed to target the public perception and fear around changes to street lighting. “For many lighting is not just a source of light, … Continue reading

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The NHS fail again.

(RT) Children as young as ten are being asked whether they are confused about their gender in a new survey distributed to schools by the National Health Service (NHS). Critics have called the question ‘intrusive.’ The survey, conducted by the … Continue reading

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I’m unhappy.

3 years on the boat, no problem. Seldom ill, a few ups and downs but essentially we were both fit, calm (sort of), and busy all the time. Loving it. Until we couldn’t anymore. 3 months in the house, argh! … Continue reading

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Germany wants to be “The Super Power”

[Germany’s Foreign Minister] Sigmar Gabriel. Mr Gabriel said: “As the US has withdrawn from the international stage, nobody has turned to the European Union.”  [and] “the US “no longer sees the world as a global community, but as a fighting … Continue reading

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An academic speaks

I console myself by the thought that most academics never left school. Thus they have no real world skills and spout tripe accordingly. Incidentally this one came from Oxford University so actually I’m not surprised when:- The so-called ‘world famous … Continue reading

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An Arrest With A Sting.

Warning, non PC post. I’m not one for refugees as regular readers will know but this one needs a bit of thought. A woman, who was in her 20s and five months pregnant at the time of her arrest, attended … Continue reading

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Seaside weather

I knew it was too good to be true when one of the locals welcomed us into the neighborhood allaying our concerns about the weather in the coming winter. ‘Snow’, she said, ‘I’ve been here 8 years and we’ve never … Continue reading

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