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Brexit negotiations collapsing

The Brussels bloc is insisting that, before a free trade deal is discussed, there must be “sufficient progress” on EU citizens’ rights, the amount Britain will pay in its “Brexit bill” and Northern Ireland. So that’s a waste of time … Continue reading

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The Worm Turns?

Well I’d like to think so but in Brexit and it’s getting so farcical I talked about the so-called EU divorce bill. It seems that the political hatchets are out at last although I’m not quite sure who they are … Continue reading

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When you hear hooves, think horses

Except when the money think that, they’ll come up with Brexit every time to cover up with their failings, or that of the government. Brexit: New car registrations still down signalling weakening consumer confidence. The Bank of England flagging weak … Continue reading

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Giving money away

UK taxpayers are forking out £317,000 in aid to save coconuts in the South Pacific. The cash is being spent on projects in Samoa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea just in case crops vanish. £317,000 JIC. I wonder how many … Continue reading

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British Gas greed.

ENERGY giant British Gas has confirmed it is set to increase electricity prices next month in a move that will affect around 3.1 million customers. Confused why a gas company sells electricity too? It’s a UK thing where the base … Continue reading

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We surrendered and no one is protesting. Why?

BRITISH officials have reportedly admitted they expect to cough up £50 billion to Brussels as part of a Brexit divorce settlement – but France is pushing for an even bigger payout. Apart from the obvious that France is just taking … Continue reading

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Capital Projects a waste of money

Two aircraft carriers which will never carry jets. 2017 (HMS Queen Elizabeth) 2020 (HMS Prince of Wales) costing a total of £6.2 Billion. Only hang on a bit, they need their own docks as they are so big. So we’ll add … Continue reading

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