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Two thoughts, one problem.

Man charged with murder following car ramming incident as violence erupts at white supremacist rally in Virginia. Although one died, the many social media, TV, and YouTube clips, showed both sides were as ‘guilty’ as the other of engaging each … Continue reading

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Scary time

RUSSIA and China have developed a plan to put an end to North Korea’s repeated threats and are urging the US the join them. It’s getting a bit tiresome. The world knows North Korea is dangerous but making constant threats … Continue reading

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It’s official, Brexit is screwed (and by default me).

Brexit has been watered down by some of the most insipid politics you’ll ever see. In short there are three flavors of Brexit being discussed. International Trade Secretary Liam Fox is leading the ‘hard’ Brexit group with Boris Johnson, Chris … Continue reading

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Multiculturalism and Religious Tolerance

From the religion of peace. ‘All white women are good for one thing’: Chilling outburst of member of 18-strong Asian sex gang – including a white woman – who groomed vulnerable girls as young as 13 with M-Cat before raping … Continue reading

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The Worm Turns?

Well I’d like to think so but in Brexit and it’s getting so farcical I talked about the so-called EU divorce bill. It seems that the political hatchets are out at last although I’m not quite sure who they are … Continue reading

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Homeless? You are not alone.

A record number of renters are being evicted from their homes, with more than 100 tenants a day losing the roof over their head, according to a shocking analysis of the nation’s housing crisis. Good isn’t it. First house prices … Continue reading

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Giving money away

UK taxpayers are forking out £317,000 in aid to save coconuts in the South Pacific. The cash is being spent on projects in Samoa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea just in case crops vanish. £317,000 JIC. I wonder how many … Continue reading

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