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I just couldn’t resist this

The US government has shut down today. Grand isn’t it, the all powerful brought to a shuddering halt by a few stupid politicians. Thus essential services will be run by people without getting paid and others will be forced to … Continue reading

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Time to make your peace with your God?

NORTH KOREA may prove impossible to disarm “peacefully” and Donald Trump could use military action on the rogue state in as little as “nine months”, according to American author Gordon Chang. Why is it some American authors who need to … Continue reading

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Wanna see our foreign policy in action?

Boris Johnson In Russia ‘NUFF Said.

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Public Health England. A Government Agency.

So that’s it then. Britons are being urged to cut their meals to just 1,600 calories a day and 200 calories for snacks from in tough new health guidelines. Which is a bit different from yesterdays foodie limits of 2,000 calories … Continue reading

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Slow news day, let’s talk Russia!

A British ship escorted a Russian vessel as it passed near UK territorial waters over Christmas, Britain’s defence ministry said on Tuesday, adding that Russian naval activity near Britain had increased in the holiday period. Wow. A foreign Navy ship … Continue reading

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Boris went to Russia

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson went to Russia today and received a warning from a real world power that relations between Russia and the Untied (not a typo) Kingdom were “at a low-level”. “You prefer to talk about these reasons publicly, … Continue reading

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SDP and Labour Disrespect.

NATIONALIST and Labour councilors have sparked anger after blocking a plan to honor British war dead on the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. The ruling Conservative group on South Ayrshire Council wanted to fly the Union flag alongside the Saltire … Continue reading

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