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Life is taking a retrodden path.

Way back in 2007 our life travels had taken us to the largest of counties in England, Lincolnshire. It was there that we honed our fortress prepping style, learned about off grid living, including the wonders of the Cess Pit … Continue reading

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Facebook and a warning.

FACEBOOK is fighting to have sweeping powers on facial recognition including technology that would identify people based on their clothing and posture. The social media giant is working on new powers that would put names on faces even if they … Continue reading

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UK Knife Attacks

It’s apparent that walking round urban UK is becoming hazardous to our health. The police have lost control over knife crime and are struggling to cope with the latest craze of chucking corrosives around. So is PPE becoming the latest … Continue reading

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Religious tolerance! For who exactly?

A record number of anti-Semitic incidents have been recorded in the UK as monitors warn of “unprecedented” reports of attacks, abuse and harassment. 767 incidents in first six months of 2017. Almost a fifth of these incidents involving the use of … Continue reading

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Acid Attack

Few things hurt and cause so much damage as an acid / strong alkaline attack. Napalm or any fuel air mix come to mind. Yet here we are, no one is safe, and the law as always way behind on … Continue reading

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A Day of Flags

Labour MP attacks ‘racist’ Black Country flag designed by schoolgirl An MP provoked anger after claiming the regional flag designed by an English 12-year-old schoolgirl was racist. The red and black colors were chosen in reference to US diplomat Elihu … Continue reading

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Grenfell child shows signs of cyanide poisoning

The fire occurred on the 14 June 2017 and its way after the event. Is this medical danger unusual? No, not at all BUT it does show how inept the UK medics are. Why I’m saying that is because they … Continue reading

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