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Another Opinion.

I was browsing and found this graphic. It suggests a UK view on what sub caliber round to use on the most basic of vertebrate prey. I saw it, read it, chuckled, and then thought what kind of person draws … Continue reading

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Isn’t it time we stopped pussy footing around?

The UK has been rocked by four terror attacks in 2017, with the most recent attack taking place at Parsons Green tube station last month. But despite this string of attacks, relatively few people have been killed by terrorist attacks in the UK … Continue reading

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Vigilantism could be the only way forward

With the UK police now abandoning inquiries into theft, burglary and antisocial behavior in minutes if there are no clues. With a response to a 999 (911) call sounding more like the preppers pet question:- What you going to do … Continue reading

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What does it for you?

Notes, gold, or precious stones? I ask because with today’s governments intrusive, if not aggressive, monitoring of your ‘wealth’, is it at all possibly to build up a nest egg without stuffing your mattress? Many years ago if you worked … Continue reading

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Rich in other things.

Let me see. We are in a new abode. Well a 10-year-old second-hand home actually but hey whose worried. Still broke, but what’s  unusual in that, only we still don’t owe a penny to a soul. Not many people can … Continue reading

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Home Invasion

Curiously now we’re living in town (so to speak), I’m getting my street awareness back again AND I don’t like it! I’ve always been good at picking up on the unusual, the “hang on a second that’s not right” sort … Continue reading

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A fool and his brain are soon parted.

And so it came to pass that Russia has just waded in. RUSSIA has warned the US to back down over growing crisis in North Korea … Lavrov told Tillerson growing tensions in the Korean Peninsula are “unacceptable”. So that’s … Continue reading

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