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Supposition and the WP

Apparently there is a WP report out that says without any doubt Putin ordered “interference” with the US’s 2016 election. Even down to a PowerPoint like presentation of the ‘facts’. Only here is the rub. It was known about over … Continue reading

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Every four years

The government re-assess me medically even though the medical ex-spurts have given up on me years ago and put that prognosis in writing. Like a bad smell a huge form comes through the post and I have to repeat everything … Continue reading

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The subject of rage

Click Here. And so it starts. Some will talk about the ragtag makeup of the protestors. The beer drinking, the ‘violence’. That damn pig! Bloody stupid thing to do. Only here’s the thing. None of the ‘UK against hate’ protestors … Continue reading

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Cold water hand wash.

 Do you use hot or cold water when you wash your hands? New research suggests that cold water might be just as good as hot water. Scientists again, stating the obvious but as usual without the background. To kill bacteria … Continue reading

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Can an air rifle disable an attacker?

I keep being asked this and I answer the same way everytime. It depends on how accurate you are. But it seems that’s not enough for some so here’s some thoughts for you. Consider this. The old bone dome is … Continue reading

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It’s Summer

And about now the last thing inexperienced people in the open will be worrying about is HYPOTHERMIA. One word, WRONG! I am always amazed by the resistance to the statement that more people will die of hypothermia in the summer … Continue reading

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Train Police

Armed police seen patrolling trains for first time in history amid fears of further attacks after Manchester bombing. British Transport Police says there will be a ‘firearms presence’ on trains as detectives continue to search for Salman Abedi’s accomplices. London … Continue reading

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