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Thinking about Trumps WW3

Russia, China, Iran, and of course the DPRK. Tell me, is there anyone Trump hasn’t p#ss#d off big time? So I’ve been refreshing myself about thermonuclear war survival for the past week and I’ve come to realization that we will … Continue reading

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Home Invasion

Curiously now we’re living in town (so to speak), I’m getting my street awareness back again AND I don’t like it! I’ve always been good at picking up on the unusual, the “hang on a second that’s not right” sort … Continue reading

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Screwed Up Thinking?

Florida Governor Rick Scott said mandatory evacuation orders are in place for parts of the Miami metro area and the Florida Keys. Parts of South Florida were placed under a hurricane watch Thursday. That’s sort of par for the course … Continue reading

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Will someone please defuse Trump.

He’s ramping up tensions worldwide and even the UK’s tabloid media is catching Trump fever! Still, now Putin is telling Trump to chill out, there is a bit of hope. Having said that, I’m beginning to think that most of … Continue reading

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Life is taking a retrodden path.

Way back in 2007 our life travels had taken us to the largest of counties in England, Lincolnshire. It was there that we honed our fortress prepping style, learned about off grid living, including the wonders of the Cess Pit … Continue reading

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Homeless? You are not alone.

A record number of renters are being evicted from their homes, with more than 100 tenants a day losing the roof over their head, according to a shocking analysis of the nation’s housing crisis. Good isn’t it. First house prices … Continue reading

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Weekends here, everything is safe.

MI 5 reveals there are 23,000 terror suspects as Met Police boss says a ‘large part’ of Manchester bomber’s network have been rounded up so Britons should ‘go out and enjoy yourselves’. Interesting. If you are talking about a minor … Continue reading

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