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Calling garage gunsmiths.

I’ve stripping a PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) and found the previously shiny striker block worn down to the base metal and well grubby. Cleaning is OK as I use #0000 grade wire wool but I’ve got two questions for you. Is … Continue reading

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Can an air rifle disable an attacker?

I keep being asked this and I answer the same way everytime. It depends on how accurate you are. But it seems that’s not enough for some so here’s some thoughts for you. Consider this. The old bone dome is … Continue reading

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Stand off Ranges

There’s been a few comments about head shots to deal with a body who is packing an IED. Only how close is dangerous if that device goes off. As a basic rule of thumb, within 50 feet (15 m) is … Continue reading

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Expedient Projectile Weapons

Effective projectile weapons, as in will disable (or better) an assailant. Long / Compound bow (Area denial, 100-250 metres, Accurate centre mass, 50-60 metres) Average power (125-150lb) Crossbow (30 to 50 metres) Slingshot / Catapult (25 metres) Air Weapon 12 … Continue reading

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Interesting Subject Matter

Are You Neglecting Your Preps? Now Is Not The Time! States azweaponcraftprepper He’s got a stellar point too. It seems throughout the world kind of point. The US will have its own problems which won’t apply to us. Meanwhile in the … Continue reading

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UK Policing Update

A report by the HM inspectorate of Constabulary has found:- This number missing. 1012 rapists 343 killers 45,960 wanted suspects on the database were being sought for theft and one in eight for violence. That and 67,000 people suspected of … Continue reading

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Anger Issues

Years ago (aged 8) I was told that just getting angry with myself about failing wouldn’t solve anything. That helped in precisely no way at all. I just got madder. You see it’s in me to win, complete the task, … Continue reading

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