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Homeless? You are not alone.

A record number of renters are being evicted from their homes, with more than 100 tenants a day losing the roof over their head, according to a shocking analysis of the nation’s housing crisis. Good isn’t it. First house prices … Continue reading

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The true caliber of our politicians

Brexit. That’s Britain regaining control of our lives, our country, keeping what is rightfully ours, shutting out those who would exploit our limited resources, and protecting not only our industries, but our people from Europe. Except if you are a … Continue reading

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Facebook and a warning.

FACEBOOK is fighting to have sweeping powers on facial recognition including technology that would identify people based on their clothing and posture. The social media giant is working on new powers that would put names on faces even if they … Continue reading

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British Gas greed.

ENERGY giant British Gas has confirmed it is set to increase electricity prices next month in a move that will affect around 3.1 million customers. Confused why a gas company sells electricity too? It’s a UK thing where the base … Continue reading

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UK Knife Attacks

It’s apparent that walking round urban UK is becoming hazardous to our health. The police have lost control over knife crime and are struggling to cope with the latest craze of chucking corrosives around. So is PPE becoming the latest … Continue reading

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Religious Tolerance (Hamburg division)

Published on Jul 28, 2017 One dead and four injured after knife man goes on frenzied broad daylight attack in supermarket ‘shouting Allahu Akbar’. The lone attacker entered the Hamburg supermarket earlier this afternoon and started stabbing randomly at customers. … Continue reading

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Arm the UK Police?

All police officers in England and Wales are to be asked if they want to routinely carry a gun. OK, but isn’t it about time the law-abiding were allowed to decide that too? Arming the police will do nothing to … Continue reading

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