A man with a pipe bomb strapped to his body set off an explosion at one of New York’s busiest commuter hubs, leaving five people injured in an Isil-inspired attack.

Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old Bangladeshi national who is thought to have lived in the US since 2011, triggered a stampede during the morning rush hour as his homemade bomb detonated in a busy underpass.

Bangladesh is not one of the countries covered in Mr Trump’s travel ban of six predominantly Muslim countries. (Says the media, and I’m thinking why not?)
To my friend eq, I now add terrorism to child abuse.
The People’s Republic of Bangladesh. A country in South Asia.

Then to cap it all.
A statement on behalf of the family sent by the New York Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said they were “deeply saddened” by the attack but also “outraged by the way we have been targeted by law enforcement, including a teenage relative of the suspect who was pulled from class and questioned in his school without a parent guardian or attorney.”

Outraged and not understanding that US law enforcement want to make sure this wasn’t the start of a campaign? I am surprised (not).


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I’m unhappy.

3 years on the boat, no problem. Seldom ill, a few ups and downs but essentially we were both fit, calm (sort of), and busy all the time. Loving it.
Until we couldn’t anymore.

3 months in the house, argh!
Dry skin and eyes, intolerance to processed meats has developed, and as for the brain aches! Just don’t go there (and if you do, very quietly please).

I’m walking and working less, driving more, developing a twitch again every time the letter box clatters, and rekindling my love affair for skips.
Well not exactly, more a case of yet again I can’t walk past one without having a rummage.

I can’t settle.
I’m either asleep in the chair or needing to do something, literally anything, just to keep busy. The legs are protesting LOUDLY as when shopping, people talk, and talk, and talk.
So I’m left politely standing about, which is not good for me, while they prattle on about seemingly important things in their lives which mean bug##r all to me!

At home we talk about money, bills, and that other thing???
Oh yeah, how much money we’ve got left to last the rest of the month which has now grown to epic lengths!!

Bins, B I N S!
Why the heck so many people worry so much about waste disposal here amazes me. There are black bins for waste, green for veg and garden waste, and a sort of well dirty grey color bin for recycling.
Only even that needs sorting as half of what you can’t put in there is marked as recycle but not according to the list from local government.

As for cutting grass? One guy did it easy, PLASTIC GRASS, and apparently his dog loves it. Just think about that. The dog ‘loves it’. O….K. I Think.

Stickers on lamp posts are everywhere.
Bylaws, no dog fouling, no parking, no waiting, All quoting £1000 maximum fine! I guess they had a buy 100 get 10 free on the “maximum fine £1000” signage. But, no one knows what the minimum is and when I asked they looked at me like I was nuts!

There is even one sign saying “No mechanical recovery is allowed on this beach”.
That’s right alongside a sign saying “No vehicles allowed”. Max. Fine £1000, and both of them are behind a huge steel locked tight floodgate.

Civilization? Aw sod it.
When we went into the boat we had to slow down, river pace, 4 MPH for everything.
It took a while but hey, slow is good.

Now, it’s absolutely manic.
Everyone drives like mad, every second car has a radio or something booming away.
And most are on a mission. Dunno what but they sure as hell are in a hurry to get there.

Late for us is 9 pm or sundown which ever comes first. Boat time.
Late for them is 02-03 h?
We get up as the sun comes up,
Them it’s 2 minutes to 9 and rush to get somewhere.

Did I mention:-
So here we sit, in our new ‘forever home’.
And I’m wondering if I should get a mobility scooter, just to fit in.
After all husbands and wives race each other around the pavements on them so why shouldn’t I?
It seems all the rage and any color you like as long as it is metallic blue and has an 8 mph switch in it.

Sigh.  I’ve either died and not noticed or just moved into God’s waiting room.

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One culture doing the most harm

We are talking about the UK here but I suspect as you look around Europe, let alone the rest of the world, there will be familiar ‘cultural and religious’ groups of trash within that country doing the same. Anyway back to here:-

The Quilliam organisation, which usually focuses on counter-extremism, said it found 222 of 264, or 84 per cent, of people convicted of specific grooming-gang crimes since 2005 were Asian.

Well I am surprised (not).
Imported, and whatever generation that they are now up to, non indigenous cultures are responsible for most of the harm. Their own finally highlighting the problem.

Multiculturalism and immigration.
‘Enriching our diverse society’ according to the politicians.
I wonder what it would take before the majority take action?
Who needs to be abused, maimed, or killed, to upset the sheeple population sufficiently to demand the expulsion of every one of that particular culture and religion.

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Morale crusher

Almost 200,000 troops face ‘unacceptable’ delay to pay rise because of Treasury red tape.
April before they get told if they are going to get a decent pay rise is now June.

The delay is  actually just a clash, a measuring of dick size,  between the chancellor and  the new boy wonder Defense Secretary Williamson.

I remember when he spoke in November 2017 about :-

“We cannot let our Armed Services be the victim of people who don’t have the imagination or the passion or the understanding of the important and vital role that they do.

I guess that B.S. didn’t mean basic things like a DECENT PAY PACKET.
I wonder how many of our finest will put their papers in before June fed up waiting?
I also wonder how many will ‘trust’ the government enough to wait and see what happens?

When I joined up I was asked why I didn’t go for a real job.
Pay was bad then BUT you had fringe benefits  like good accommodation, 3 square meals, free medical and dental, got to play with guns, and received  a good trade training.

Now pay is still dire, and I’ve been told that everything else SUCKS!
Having been to a cook house a few years ago and tasted what ‘the cheapest bid’ serves up for food, I can well believe the stories.

It’s sad. What I was once proud to be a part of is now a joke.
It’s not the lads and lassies fault, the government stamp of failure is on everything.
I wonder what would happen if the pay promises failed to materialize and large swathes of trained personnel just walked.
After all shiny toyz need lots of maintenance and the manuals need experienced hands to translate the B.S. instructions within into the reality of keeping things going WELL past their use by date.


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Thoughts about use by dates

In the UK there is a growing trend in supermarkets to ignore use by dates on everything but fresh food. Sort of makes sense to me as the EU laws force the supermarkets to throw out tons of foodstuff and household groceries when there is nothing wrong with them.

There is however certain stuff which preppers need to worry about once the sell by date has expired.

5% Domestic Bleach is a case in point.
It will only keep its full strength for about six months when stored in temperatures between 50F (10C) and 70F (21C)
Sealed or not.

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Carry Two Things as a Minimum.

A UK self-defense memo.
To be effective in self-defense, you cannot just defend, you must attack back.

Remember that because I’m now going to quote UK law!
Accepting there is a lot of concern about street crime. (

You must not get a product which is made or adapted to cause a person injury. Possession of such a product in public (and in private in specific circumstances) is against the law.

Equipment / Product.
Carry a damn good high brightness, Cree LED, alloy torch, preferably powered by twin AA batteries as they are readily available. (As above, no problem so far).
Be cautious of its design as ‘tactical flashlights’ are occasionally crowned with castellated lens moldings which serves no more purpose than to act as a weapon.
One specification reading “Tactical self-defense edge”.
(As above, regarding the law, you’ve now got a problem)

Something equivalent to a yawara stick or the latest of ‘must haves’, a tactical pen.
(As above, you will have a problem with the stick but see later about the pen).

So how do these two items help you when it’s dark and you are walking.
The area you are transiting through may be well-lit or not.
So now you have a torch to check the shadows.
There are three different thoughts about using a torch.

By using a torch you are indicating your presence and giving a bad guy time to position themselves to leap out and attack you.

By using a torch you are indicating your presence thus making it obvious that you are street aware, being cautious, and it would be hard to surprise you.

Someone ‘looms out’ at you.
The sudden shining of a torch in their eyes at close range will dazzle or blind them.
After that it’s a sidestep while still keeping them blinded with the torch and attack using whatever to ‘discourage’ the attacker. (Then you may have a problem with the law).

Onto the yawara and/or tactical pen.
Yawara. It’s just a ‘formed’ item, plain stick, rod, or fancy bit of plastic that fits comfortably in your hand sticking out a bit on both ends. (As above, it will be viewed as a weapon.)

Or, you could carry a tactical pen, which is simply a beefed up Biro made out of a light but strong alloy. That has two uses, to write with and to defend yourself.

The problem is a tactical pen can sometimes look too tactical and menacing.
This can cause you grief as the police will probably treat it as a weapon on seeing it.
So the secret is to buy one that doesn’t look too ‘big and butch’ or with some ‘snappy logo’ printed on it.

Sounds easy so far? Only there are a number of things to consider.
For instance how do you hold your torch?

A reverse or hammer grip makes it hard to snatch the torch from your hand, and your thumb on the end of the torch to stop the torch sliding in your hand on impact should you need to use it to defend yourself.

I’m going to leave out the Yawara stick or whatever.
Whatever? Something about a half-inch thick and 6 – 8 inches long.
I’m not a fan and it’s not exactly rocket science how to hold it.

How is that pen held when in self-defense mode?
Like the torch, hammer style, with the thumb covering the top of the pen to stop it sliding up the palm when you are striking, and the ‘pointy bit’ sticking out by your little finger.

Referring back to using the thumb as a stop or support.
Some ‘tactical’ rubbish being sold has things like glass breakers on the end i.e. pointy sharpened tips. Useful (sort of), but if they cut you in a fight and you are drawing blood from your assailant, your blood mixing with his blood could end up with you catching something really bad like HIV or Hepatitis. Yes it’s a minor danger BUT something to consider. The old ‘buy in haste, repent in your leisure’ sort of thing.

So forget clever and multi-use, look for a simple flat ended pen that does just one thing, write letters. Heavier than a normal pen it may be, perhaps a bit longer, always thicker, but that’s because you have difficulties holding a thin plastic Biro isn’t it?
I’m also not a fan of a pen with a detachable top.
Two reasons. It wastes time removing it when fractions of a second count, and you could lose it leaving ‘evidence’ of yourself at the “crime scene”.

This all sounds like it’s illegal to carry a pen, tactical or not.
No, not at all, until you use it to defend yourself.
Then ‘the pen being mightier than the sword’ is EXACTLY how the police will see it. As a WEAPON and not something that you grabbed from your pocket or bag in a hurry to defend yourself! (Such is the stupidity of UK law).

What stops an attack?
If the assailant can’t see, stand, breath, is totally disoriented, or suffering from intense pain. Now I’m answering the question some wanted to know, what do you aim at?

Conventional wisdom quotes:-
Strike body areas where the bone comes close to the skin surface.
Which actually gives you dozens of targets, but grouping them does this.

  • Can’t see!
    Eyes, Bridge of nose, and the Philtrum (Between upper lip and nose).
    Striking that causes a massive flood of tears.
  • Can’t stand!
    Double ear slap majorly upsets a persons balance. (No weapons necessary).
    Groin (Cohones), the knee from any angle, instep, ankles, thigh (dead leg), and to a minor degree, the Achilles tendon, and the toes.
  • Can’t breath!
    Adam’s apple, larynx, base of neck front, floating ribs, heart, and solar plexus.
  • Disorientation!
    Torch blinded, loud sound (Rape alarm held by ear), the double ear slap, the temples, back of the head, or the center of the forehead.
  • Intense Pain!
    Just behind the ear lobe, Philtrum (Between upper lip and nose), side of the neck, bridge of the nose, Clavicle / Collar bone, Elbow, Forearm, Wrist, Back of hand, calf, shin, Between the shoulder blades, Kidneys, Small of the back, Coccyx (Base of spine).

And the eyes gently glaze over as information overload occurs.

Some would point out that a few of these points are life taker blows, and they would be right if the pen tip ruptures a major blood vessel. Except if that person is intent of harming you and you think your life is in danger, you have the right to use whatever force you deem necessary to save yourself, RIGHT UP TO LETHAL FORCE.

Only snag is you will have to justify doing so.

How many blows do you use? That’s simple,
Keep going until either they withdraw, or you can withdraw safely.
Just because someone yells “Ouch” and starts hopping around doesn’t mean they are incapable of resuming the attack. PUT THEM DOWN AND THEN RUN!


Threatened by a knife is a life or death scenario.
It’s also a common occurrence in UK cities.
To avoid attack is always best but if you do engage, the chances are you will be cut.
Remember distance is king in combat.
The closer you are to them, the more harm they can do to you!

If ever there is a case of when to use lethal force, this is one of them so don’t play about.
Take out the eyes and slam that pen vertically, deep into the skin, just behind the collar-bone as deep as you can, or/and attack the neck arteries and veins.

Two thoughts about this based on the statement “Distance is no defense from a gun”.
I say that because if they are close enough to challenge you, a few more yards isn’t going to make a lot of difference.

So you’ll run away screaming hoping they won’t shoot.
Fast runner are we? What 15 MPH in the sprint?
In 2 seconds you are 44 feet away.
A 9 mm fired after you?
44 feet takes about 4 hundreds of a second.
You, now tired, hurt, or dead?
And they haven’t even broken sweat.

The other thought is to close the gap.
I mean REALLY close the gap.
The torch is now a weapon of distraction and blinding.
Only now the tactical pen or whatever is of little use.
If you have a gun, blind them, drop, roll, and engage.
If not, you need to get hands on their weapon.
After that it’s just hand to hand. You win, or lose, end up hurt, or dead.
If someone KNOWS what they are about, you’ll never be allowed to get that close .

Regular readers will know I use walking sticks.
As a defense aid they are good BUT bulky and awkward in confined spaces.
The two described items enhance your ability to defend yourself. If you have to use two sticks. it makes holding a torch is ‘difficult’. So consider wearing a head torch.

The rape / personal attack alarm.
Funny thing is not many men carry them and that’s a mistake.
Any attacker wants you to be compliant and not cause a scene.
Many have run off as an alarm goes off plus someone yelling for help.
Think on that.

CS, Mace, or PAVA sprays.
Illegal in the UK thus hard to obtain.
Seldom instantaneous, occasionally ineffective, and unless in your hand, pin pulled, slow to deploy, short-range, and will affect you too in a confined space.
BUT criminals throwing acid or other corrosive fluids into your eyes is happening more and more in the UK. The first aid is water, lots and lots of cool water.
Treat your eyes first. They can seldom be repaired.

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No Go Zone

Warning long post,
Stock up on biscuits and hot drinks.

Three in front, one to the side was a post about walking through the park at night and what happened. I thought it might have left a taint on the location but didn’t really worry until SWMBO had repeatedly said of her distrust of the park at night.

Now I trust her sixth sense like I do from the dog, BUT when all three of us are there, it’s going to be one stupid SOB who takes us on (especially as I’m usually ‘equipped’), let alone the dog (oldish but the teeth still work!), plus SWMBO herself.
She is not tiny in stature at 1.7 m, or some lightweight stick insect (85 kg), and a full on attack by all three of us two will see most fools off.

Only that’s not quite it is it?
She’s never been one to go into the dark at night alone or even with the dog, which I find rather reassuring as that way she instinctively won’t put herself in harm’s way.
Except when she has to, and there is a nervousness there that worries me.

BUT the night has exactly the same threats as the day and I cite muggings, violence, perverts, rape , drunks and their driving skills, even road rage, as evidence that the time of day, let alone the location, is no defense if someone wants to hurt you.

To that I have to add the common trait throughout the UK of townships switching off the street lights after midnight and back on an hour before dawn. To save money.
No consideration is given to those whose duties or habits see them moving around at night. No thought about those caught outdoors by car failure or the like, and it’s a huge assist to the criminal and pervert element in our society.
Which kinda reminds me about gun control.

The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her own pantyhose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.

She is however street aware. OK, she seldom profiles as much as I do but hey, that’s because I’ve been trained to think that way.

Fear of the night or dark (aka ‘Nyctophobia’ to give it its scientific name) is not uncommon. It’s an evolution ‘survival’ instinct and is deeply rooted within your person.
Yet some can become paralyzed or severely distracted to a point where their reasoning is affected. Some fixating on objects losing that all important 360 degree awareness.
Some are plunged into deep panic with physical signs such as shaking, sweating, trouble in breathing, dizziness and sweating, feeling confused, numbness around limbs by even thinking about movement in the dark.
That is so not a good state to get into, especially when the electricity goes out, for ever!

So how do you go about training that fear into a manageable state?
I ask that as if you ‘own the night’, you’ll be safer when operating within it.

Note: I don’t say do away with it.
A little bit of fear and inbuilt caution is good as far as I’m concerned.
It’s just you being able to use that uncertainty, that sixth sense, to your advantage and not let it be detrimental to how you function.

Note, nothing I’m going to say is a quick fix.
All fears need time to overcome. The ‘suck it up’ regime of some just doesn’t work on all.

You can train and condition yourself to be safer although some people will never be truly happy in the dark by doing that.
The best way to learn is from someone who has the knowledge and skills to move around and work at night, both tactically and safely.

With such a person, the usual method is to identify the daily hazards you encounter, for them to discuss and understand your fears. (A lot of which can be caused by previous life experiences or by ‘inherited’ fears from your peers or parents).

Then they educate you in identifying the more dangerous locations and probable threats.
How to counter any potential threat by your movement, appearance, and manner.
Finally how to react to the most common of incidents.

Part two is carried out at night.
Accompanied by your street wise ‘night owl’, you then learn what has changed, why, and the enhanced threat that the night has introduced.
Thus, after a while, you will be able to analyze the various threats automatically and to use sensible defensive methods to reduce the danger of the more common attacks.

All this will help to build confidence and technique to enable you to work and live safer within your home, area, and when you have to enter unfamiliar ground.

Typically there are two trains of thought about training a person to ‘own the night’.

Overt is you visually projecting a positive active threat to any low life.
Down to the tactical vest loaded with Mace! (yep, being a bit silly there) and leading a large fur coated razor blade aka dog (not quite so silly an option).
If you are allowed to open carry, then that’s what you do. (That I fully approve of).
It is all about projecting an image of a squared away, continually assessing, trained  individual with a hard positive manner that screams “Go on Punk, make my day!”
Which unfortunately only a few can pull that off and stature comes into that a lot!
What’s also unfortunate is it can also encourage people to be over-confident.
Never a good thing.

Covert on the other hand does not mean you skulking around like a frightened mouse.
It also doesn’t mean you aren’t armed, just not obviously.
I happen to like people carrying canes for self-defense (if they train to use them).
That or leading a ‘useful looking’ breed of dog (if the dog has been trained to attack).
Just as long as you don’t fill the other hand with loads of stuff like shopping bags.
As such I’m also a fan of a small light ‘quick dump’ pack which leaves your hands free.

Quick dump?
Two easy to release clasps on the carry straps which will literally dump your pack on the ground. A fairly easy modification to most packs.

As above you will be making a constant assessment of your location, identifying threats, making the best use of cover, lighting, and safe passage. That alone will help to avoid putting yourself in vulnerable positions.
It’s also pretty obvious to an experienced person (and lowlife) you have such training.
Plus projecting that all important manner.
I live here, I have every right to be here,
You don’t know my abilities but watch out.

Best you leave me alone.

Which is best? I’ve got to say I’m a fan of covert.

Finally a word about fighting back.
It’s too easy, let alone stupid, to say you can train to survive any attack.
Beware of those who claim they can train you to do so.
What you’ve got to do is understand the dynamics of an attack under different scenarios.
Why you and not someone else? What the attacker is trying to do.
What your immediate actions are, and how to ESCAPE!

Anyway if someone wants your bag, give it to them.
Goods and belongings can be replaced, you can’t be.
If they are after you then you need to go into a well-trained and practiced routine.
Scream, shout for help, and ATTACK, and never, ever, do anything against your will.
Remember they need your ‘quiet cooperation’ and will be trying to dominate you using fear.

To be threatened by a knife or gun is a bowel and bladder emptying moment for most.
But that threat demonstrates weakness.
If there was no weakness then they would just stab or shoot you and take what they wanted. A threat is all about imposing control.

That’s the wrong way around, you need to take control.

“Come with me or I’ll stab/shoot/or hurt you”.
Anyway, why go?
If they succeed they may attack you later, where you can’t get help.
Grabbing your arm and trying to muscle you into the shadows is just as bad.
The immediate action there is to Scream, shout for help, and ATTACK.

There is too much out there written about that, so I’m not going to be telling you how to fight, how to attack.

Wanna know how?
Get trained only get wise and find a trainer who teaches STREET DEFENSE not fancy dancing with pretty colored belts.

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