BBC: Finland killings: Knifeman ‘targeted women in Turku terror attack’.

Police in Finland say a knifeman who killed two people in the south-western city of Turku on Friday appeared to choose women as targets. They are treating the attack as a terrorist incident. The suspect, arrested after being shot by police, is an 18-year-old Moroccan. Four other Moroccans have been held.

Moroccan eh? Multicultural integration appears to be going well (not) in Finland.

Then there’s a picture of a well hard??

OK, the police shot (badly), and the little shit was wounded, but their law regarding Personal protection and self-defense by the people mentions:- (Wiki)
In the 1980s and 1990s roughly 7% of firearm licenses were granted for the purpose of personal protection. Since 1998 new licences have not been granted on that basis (
that’s 19 years ago), although existing permits remain valid.

Thus the age-old question raises its head again.
Would the event have turned out different if concealed or open carry had been permitted.
Funny isn’t it.
The more controlling the gun laws, the more civilians are maimed or die.
The armed response happening, as always, AFTER the event.

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Taking a break.

800 miles, well tired, back home, enter the three S’s.
Shit, shower and shave, then had something to eat and I was out like a light within an hour. I slept for the best part of 10 hours awaking only once when the dog panicked because of thunder.

Only this ain’t going to work.
The B&B SWMBO and Dawg bit. It’s just too expensive and constraining.
Plan B (subsection 99 paragraph 62) is I go out, leave SWMBO and Dawg at home, she makes the appointments, I turn up, examine, report back, then either move on or BUY!

Have suitcase will travel or, to be more realistic, have festival pop up tent, new bag, so will work all day, then find a campsite, and hunker down for the night.

What it means is I’ve got RANGE!
No longer 10 hours a day tops, now 16 hours a day looking, traveling, plus whatever!
I’ll also have food control as I like to eat on demand not to timetable.
Cost per night? £12-15 on a campsite, way better than £52 a night b&b.

Anyway on viewing the demand will now be “If you accept my offer, there must be no further advertising or viewings” as gazumping on the East coast is the newest of games in town. If they don’t like that idea, I’ll simply walk away.
If they subsequently break the verbal agreement, the realtor will be named and shamed to the big realtor God in the sky who has been slating his minions for bad practice in the national media. They scared stiff that their practices are getting attention from the government’s “You bad boy!” department aka The regulators.
And there ain’t nothing quite like bad press for business is there.



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WW3 and nothing flies


The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) Spitfires, a Hawker Hurricane and Lancaster Bomber kept out of the air as a ‘issue was found with A PIN‘ in the Hawker Hurricane’s Rolls Royce Merlin engine.

So make a few and change it!
Oops, I forgot, the RAF doesn’t have mechanical engineer shops anymore.
Or does it?
In days gone by, the RAF trained some of the finest metal cutters, welders, blacksmiths, fitters, turners, and fabricators in the world!
Yet I was told recently that the Mechanical Engineering Squad is usually found staffed with civilians.

Some people (especially ex-mil) would call that progress of a regressionary nature.
Other will just blame the cuts in forces personnel and the rise of privatization within the armed forces. Or, in MOD speak, SNAFU.

Or to be precise he said, “Want something done? Forget MES. Go find a school with a good technology center and talk to the instructors who are usually old school armed forces engineers. That way it’ll be done within hours not weeks of waiting for costing, tooling, tasking, pricing, and union authorization to make it”.

But it does make you think doesn’t it.
Imagine, all Typhoon jets grounded during WW3 for a split pin which ‘old school’ would have made within hours.

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A day of disappointment

So, the property we wanted has been gazumped (someone made a higher offer than we offered and thus succeed in acquiring the property), and we can’t fight the increase (let alone want to).
Only during my Internet travels, you sometimes stumble over a site that you never knew existed. This one I knew but, being a UK local government site, what is crap in one location shines with excellence in another. Thus the full unabridged history of a property, land, and inside leg measurement of the owner(s) was just a few clicks of the touch pad away. It didn’t make for good reading.

Then SWMBO ran the figures aka money spreadsheet.
Part of my philosophy of life, “Let the person with the expertise lead”.
She is a scary type whiz on spreadsheets!
That made terrible reading too.

Thus our dream house slips gently into the mire.

Ho hum.
Tired, bothered, and not looking forward to another field trip tomorrow, we move on.
The weather forecast? RAIN!
Life imitating art I’m thinking.

Rating for today?
3/10, i.e. needs more work.

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I went for a nice quiet walk and

I left the motel at 6am to walk the dog.
Lovely little stroll it was too but something alarmed the dog half way through it who then started to herd me back to the motel.

Didn’t think much about it until I returned to chaos!
The fire alarms had gone off.
The cause? SWMBO had put the room kettle on to boil while having her wash.
The steam filled the room, even though it had shut itself off, and the alarm went off. Nice!

6.40 and everyone is trooping back inside having been roused by “screaming sirens”.

I found that really funny but SWMBO was mortified!
In her defense it is a bit stupid setting up a smoke alarm directly over where the kettle is mounted.

Ho hum, those ragged faces probably shouldn’t have drunk so much last night!
I just can’t help it. I’m sat here chuckling like mad !!!!!!!!
Breakfast will be fun this morning!

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Day two and it was manic.

What’s worse than crap?
Six of the eight properties we viewed answered that.

Out of the other two I regret that we had to reject one, although it was chocolate box perfect, as the 150 year old cottage was suffering from damp both rising and descending.
My little damp meter saying “Overload” on every surface I probed.
I thought it was faulty at first so I pressed a tissue against the wall.
It came away ‘wringing’ wet.The eighth one worked BIG TIME for us! So we’ve put an offer on it.
Unfortunately another party is viewing it tomorrow.
We can’t stop that happening until the paperwork starts processing.
By lunch time tomorrow we’ll know what is what.

BUT , planning for the worse, we’re viewing another property tomorrow morning which might be better (although more expensive), JIC our offer is rejected.
Sleepless night coming on?
Unlikely because by mid afternoon I was popping pain killers like Smarties to keep going. Hot day, dehydrated, little food, so by 5 pm I probably wouldn’t have reacted to a tactical nuke going off in my pocket. Damn I hate the summer heat.

And so to sleep!

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A glimmer of hope for the Army.

General Paul Nanson, Commandant of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst said.
The British Army [officer ranks] is filled with university graduates.

Got that right ‘Sir’!
And some the chinless warriors that had been churned out had little idea of real life let alone soldiering.

I was surprised by the next bit though.
He said that when he was at Sandhurst, (1986 he was hatched as an officer) it was evenly split between university graduates and school-leavers, but now the vast majority – around four fifths – of Officer Cadets arrive with a degree..

Let’s put it this way, in 12 years regular service before then, I only knew two real officers.
Both had come up from the ranks and knew their trade backwards.
Both looked after their men and families well knowing that men work better knowing their dependents are being well looked after

As for the rest?
Thank Gawd for the senior NCO’s who protecting us from the idiocies of textbook man management and other ‘Rupert’ stupidity.
That and teaching us how to address officers correctly without being charged. i.e.
“Permission to speak freely, Sir.”
Once given. . . .
Start with a Sir, finish with a Sir, and always have a witness to what is said!
i.e. Sir, you fk.d this one up a treat, Sir.
That and never tell an officer to go take a flying jump.

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