Flump screws the pooch again.

Global powers, including key US allies, have said they will stand by the Iran nuclear deal which US President Donald Trump has threatened to tear apart. Mr Flump (whoops) Trump said on Friday that he would stop signing off on the agreement.

The UK, France and Germany responded that the pact was “in our shared national security interest”. The EU said it was “not up to any single country to terminate” a “working” deal.

So far that’s WW3 due because of North Korea, the Paris Climate agreement (the only one I agree with him about), and now Iran. Then there is troops going back en mass into Afghanistan, the constant militarization of the EU and non NATO countries by NATO (which kinda feels wrong anyway) because of the supposed  ‘Russian Threat’.
Not forgetting China, Syria and not forgetting his wall. Yeah, right.

Good job Flump.
With approval ratings lower than Obama in the very people who voted for him.
A lot of them are thinking:- You’re fired! (OR deserve to be).

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Global Warming?

All but two Adelie penguin chicks have starved to death in their east Antarctic colony, in a breeding season described as “catastrophic” by experts. It was caused by unusually high amounts of ice late in the season, meaning adults had to travel further for food.

Conservation groups are calling for urgent action on a new marine protection area in the east Antarctic to protect the colony of about 36,000 with a ban on krill fishing in the area.

So let’s get this right. All this was caused by too much ice.
I’m guessing the Penguins can’t jack hammer through it to get to the krill anyway so setting up ANOTHER marine protection zone would achieve nothing. Funny me coming to that conclusion. It also appears so have many learned people around the scientific world. Still the WWF never miss a chance to start a new campaign up and I’m expecting TV ads for sponsoring penguins to appear any day.

BUT, just in case you missed it, TOO MUCH ICE is the cause of their distress.

T O O   M  U  C  H     I   C   E !!!!
Personally I would blame global warming.
Only I can’t stop laughing at that thought.

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Rich in other things.

Let me see.
We are in a new abode. Well a 10-year-old second-hand home actually but hey whose worried. Still broke, but what’s  unusual in that, only we still don’t owe a penny to a soul.
Not many people can say that today.

Tonight SWMBO was running the numbers.
That’s her thing, number crunching. Ex-banking world, counts everything!
It turns out that doing a bit of forecasting, we actually made a good decision leaving the water and with any luck, it might see us solvent for the next few months.

Add to that we went shopping today and re stocked the stock we didn’t have to start with.
With £50 ($76) we bought a month’s (30 days of staples) worth of provisions.
The spiders have been soon and the cupboards and freezer are now full.
Yet watching others shopping it was frightening.
£200 plus trolley loads of whatever and that I suspect was only for the week.
I can’t judge others because I don’t know their story but we left feeling kinda smug at our 30 days of provisions.

Incidentally, SWMBO is the queen of the two pot meals.
Not quite as good as me on a single burner (which irks her a bit) BUT she makes great tasty meals from basics way better than that ‘Cordon-Bleu’ rubbish you see on TV and anything I can churn out.

Add me fixing up whatever gets broke to save a buck or two, we usually live comfortably but frugally.

Yet, we’re back using public utilities like electricity, gas, water, and sewage.
I hate that as that’s big business and they have been putting up prices for just about everything.

The other worry for us is trash. There are constant rumors of it being billed by quantity and weight. With the seemingly endless amount of packaging on foodstuff, our bins had never been so full. Thus we burn a lot of our dry waste. (SOD THE PLANET!)
The only thing I feel even remotely for is the humble tin can.
How minimal packaging is that!
So, washed out and compressed, they take up little room BUT en mass aren’t they heavy! The other thing is the UK is into recycling them.
Which is fine by me because burying them takes forever before they corrode down to nothing and it makes the veg patch difficult to dig.
Yet cans aren’t a money-maker for us.
Not drinking soda in any of its forms, we don’t make money by recycling aluminum cans.

You might have noticed I’m sat here still thinking on how to make a bob (buck) or two.
The shingle will go out about mole catching soon BUT I need to replace my traps as not using them still does nothing to preserve the strength of the springs.
That and the moling season for me is almost over.
Did you know there are better times than others to catch moles?
Basically these little money makers breed once a year (April to May) and once weaned, the babies leave the family fortress (and yes it is called a fortress) some 30 days later, to make their own lives.

So May-June time is fun time as they make their own runs and start turfing out the spoil in the form of mole hills. Yet, that’s not all.
Towards winter moles who can, start digging down and leave the ‘just under the surface turf’ mole tunnels (about a couple of feet at best) for a deeper set.
It makes sense because as temperatures drop, frosts happen and their preferred food, worms,  dig deeper so the new set of really deep tunnels is ready for them to ‘drop into’ so to speak.

Thus you get a whole new sprinkling of mole hills, usually deeper colored soil, and gardeners and neat freaks wringing their hands in despair.
Problem for the catcher is the depth they dig too! I use a meter long mole dibber aka a long rod with a “bullet” shaped tip to delve down for their runs. Only sometimes, even that length isn’t long enough! Anyway once you’ve found this run, imagine digging down to it, a meter’s worth of digging. We do earn our money guys and girls! Some don’t bother and use poison. To me that’s not good so I trap (keine Gifte) no poisons.

There is another thought going on. The water table is apparently really shallow her and I noticed a bore hole being dug near to us. I can do that!
The table is only 40 feet down.
That’s doable with a water drill but I may try a sand spike first.
Free showers, I like it!

We’ve also got a spare room now.
Quite frankly it’s a mess, a dumping ground, a disaster zone even.
So today some shelving is arriving and we’ll get it more organized with a combined work bench for the two of us.
SWMBO makes cards, and music, while I repair things.
So that’s going to be three sets of shelves and a work top over them.
His, hers, and in between no man’s land (which probably mean I’m not allowed on it!).
At last, somewhere to disassemble things without using the kitchen table!
Somewhere to screw my vice onto! Power points!!!! How sexy is all that.
Yep, I’m sad, but I do have fun!
Thus I’ll also get back to repairing just about anything with a power plug on it.
Domestic electronic repair is a ‘still needed’ skill but white goods need not apply for bench space as the cost of spares is usually prohibitive.

It does look like SWMBO’s plan for walking dogs has vaporized.
It turns out there are three other ladies doing that so I reckon pickings will be few.
So that’s cards, repairs, possibly computers, and . . . . .
The thought processes for making money never end do they!

Nearly forget! The HF radio will be plumbed in again.
I’ve got this lovely gabled roof for a long wire aerial to fit under.
Running North/South, it’s going to radiate nicely East/West so I can get back to annoying the Radio Amateurs again.

26FB962 calling CQ 11 meters!
Ah, I can just imagine the abuse as yet another freebander springs up in their ‘hood.
Just because you have a license doesn’t mean you own the whole radio spectrum losers!

And on that happy note, a cup of tea is beckoning.

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Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Ban on gas cookers and boilers by 2050 to hit green targets: UK Ministers pledge low-carbon alternatives as part of £2.5bn plan to modernise the use of fuel in homes

Using gas for heating and cooking should be banned by 2050, the Government said yesterday. It will be phased out over the next 30 years and replaced by low-carbon alternatives, ministers vowed. Comes after promise in July to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2040.

OMG. The lunatics are not only running the asylum but writing the rule books now.

Wanna meet the two Conservative morons thinking up all this shit?

Claire Perry and Greg Clarke

So let’s be reasonable and ask a couple of ‘polite’ questions seeing as though everyone will have to switch to electricity:-

  • When are you going to build new power plants that don’t use Gas, Oil, other fossil fuels, or Glow at night (nuclear).
  • When will the 100’s of trillions be made available to completely change the power infrastructure of the UK, and when will that work start?
  • How are you going to compensate industry for the conversion to 100% electricity.
  • What about the millions of jobs in the service and vehicle industries that will be rendered obsolete.
  • How far can a Typhoon or F35 jet fly on batteries, let alone a passenger plane?
  • Can a battle tank, helicopter, and ships be converted to battery power?
  • Are you fk’ing demented or what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These fools are meant to be mildly intelligent aren’t they?
Despite them being politicians.

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The toil goes on.

So yesterday was plumbing. Fitting a new mixer shower the other one well FUBAR.
That worked, with no floods, leaks or drippy thingies.
I’m quite pleased with my efforts too. No old holes to plug as I modified the new one to fit.
Ever tried cutting stainless steel with a hacksaw, ACCURATELY?
It’s not a lot of fun. As for drilling it, ARGH!
Anyway, all went well despite the local vicar complaining about my language.

That was followed by a bit of flooring.
Ever laid thermoplastic tiles? Cutting around fittings, leaving no gaps anywhere.
It’s ‘time consuming’, or as my dad said, character building!
Thus I got cold, REALLY COLD, sat on the floor the whole time, and no amount of tea and biscuits helps speed up the process. Making templates, cutting the tiles, sticking them down, cleaning all the marks off, de-gluing me, my tools, and fighting off woodlice (or cheese logs as some call them).

Sigh, 8 pm last night I called it a day and used the brand new shower to ease the aches.
It’s ‘err’ POWERFUL! I know we’ve got good water pressure (17 liters a minute) but even without a booster  pump fitted, I got pummeled big time. Memo to self, we need a bigger shower curtain and I’ve got to strip down the ventilator next as it’s about as useless as a chocolate teapot.

I’m thinking that I’ll be finished in the bathroom by lunchtime and shortly thereafter it’s vet time. The results of the biopsy on the dawg. Damn it! Getting old sucks for dogs and people doesn’t it?

Still onward and upward. Not really, it’s back down on my butt again.
The lure of attacking woodlice is overwhelming me!

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Home Invasion

Curiously now we’re living in town (so to speak), I’m getting my street awareness back again AND I don’t like it!

I’ve always been good at picking up on the unusual, the “hang on a second that’s not right” sort of thing BUT it’s ramping up almost everyday!
I suppose it didn’t help a lot when someone was knifed to death less than a mile away the week before we moved in. A druggie fight and one lost big time.

So the new abode is going to be all about protecting us.
We’re on the entrance of a little estate. That’s good, plenty of unpredictable traffic.
Neighbors on each side who are OK. That’s good too.
Only one door to the property.
That’s good as you can concentrate access security there, YET that is a weakness.
In our last house (pre-boat living) we had a backdoor so you had an alternative way to check up who was at the front door. Scary good it was too as it put you in a position BEHIND the caller stood at the front door and behind a tall gate.

Here, there is no such luxury.
So SOP would be never open the door or fit a door chain to allow partial opening under your control.
I have to say that I hate door chains. Most are easily defeated.
The problem was we only had a high security mortise lock fitted and too often we would enter and forget to re-lock the door.
That and night latch locks can catch you out (literally) without a key to get back in.
So I’ve now fitted a ‘slam door’ mechanical digital lock.
Nifty bit of kit it is too. Programmable (with a nightmare or two), built TOUGH, with anti-slip, bypass, and the usual run of the mill tool defeat safeguards fitted as standard.

Neat eh? With that added to our security, popping out the back with the dog (desperate for a pee late at night) is no longer a worry or dead fiddly playing with keys in the dark.

Which brings about another thought. Street lights.
Yep there is one dead opposite us so CCTV works a treat BUT in the wee small hours, the whole town goes into energy conservation mode and three out of every four street lights go out. Which includes ours darn it!
Thus CCTV still works with IR illumination but visually it’s black out front.
Now it’s decision time. Either I fit a PIR LED ‘spot light’ or turn on a low wattage ‘Nightlite’ to cover the 4 hours before the street light comes on again.
My thoughts there are:
PIR is way too sensitive, especially in the winter!
Add hedgehogs, badgers, cats, rats, and the occasional low life, the constant on/off will wake me every time, and that’s not good!
On a timer would be too easy so I’d fit a DAYLIGHT sensor to keep it off when it was naturally bright or when illuminated by the street light. As for power? It’s got to be LED hasn’t it! Solar charged, and just enough to be able to see down the drive i.e. 4 to 6 watts (240 to 360 lumens).

Decisions, Decisions. Ultimately living on a boat was much safer!

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Dog wanted a walk. I needed one too.

Tell me, does it get any better than this?
I’ve always found water calms me and I’ve spoken of it before but today, on our new beach, it was lovely. A perfect chill out after loads of frustrating DIY work.

Yet 20 years ago it was always trees.
It didn’t matter where as long as it was too thick to see or hear others, but to go remote, really remote, in a stand of trees on top of a hill, gentle breeze, boughs singing away, I’d be asleep in seconds. The curious thing was mountain tops and moorland never did it for me, it had to be living, moving, and empty of others. Only trees ever fitted that bill.

As for the dawg. There is still something wrong there.
Getting more clingy everyday, never wanting to be alone, probably in pain, but still wanting to please. Only dog owners would know that feeling where you know something is wrong through the empathy that time builds.

So today I let the dawg decide the route and it was the beach.
Good choice, almost deserted, we both ambling along minding our own business.
Totally relaxed.
Only up runs a puppy who had to be put in its place.
Something I knew wasn’t usual behavior but sod it, I warned the owner and she ignored me. Life would be so simple without others cocking up my Chi and that of the dawg.

Still with peace restored, and us now alone on the beach, does it get any better?
Tomorrow same time, I’ll let you know.

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