Russia enters the game

SPOTTED: Putin ‘moves military forces’ to North Korean border as world prepares for WAR. VIDEO has been released (on social media) allegedly showing a mass military mobilisation in Vladivostok, Russia, just eight miles from the border with North Korea, as the world edges towards war.

IF TRUE, and it hasn’t been confirmed by the Russian Federation, this is important.
China, Russia, North Korea, and Trump’s forces are all in position to start the games.
Who will fire first?
Or, more importantly, who will fire next!

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Easter, a Christian thing.

It’s the most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church, celebrating the resurrection of Christ and held (in the Western Church) between 21 March and 25 April, on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox.

So how’s about it other religions, sects, or whatever.
Feel like interfering with it?

  • In Egypt ISIS are and killing Christians just to make sure no one dares to enjoy it.
  • Australia has gone PC mad and dropped the word Easter from the traditional activity in schools where they make Easter themed hats. The traditional wording dropped in favour of appearing more inclusive to the local Indian Sikh community.
    Poor dears, threatened by a word.
  • The National Trust in the UK dropped the word Easter from the Cadbury Easter Egg hunt. That upset everyone from Theresa May down!
  • The BBC, in a controversial move, the BBC has announced it will be ‘normalising’ it’s guidelines for showing scenes of violence, by banning all images of the crucifixion.
    Flash news Aholes, that’s what the crucifixion was all about, death and resurrection.
  • US. Local Muslim families in Montgomery County, Maryland forced a school board to go religion neutral. Christmas is now “Winter Break” and there is no such thing as “Easter Break.” Thanks to these hyper-sensitive Muslims.
  • UK. Easter eggs were rebranded at a Birmingham school linked to the alleged Trojan Horse plot to introduce a brand of hardline Islam into classrooms, an employment tribunal has heard. The sweet treats were referred to instead as “chocolate eggs” removing any mention of the important Christian religious festival, according to a former teaching assistant at Birmingham’s Adderley Primary School.
    Birmingham aka New Mecca
  • An older one 2013 US.
    Heritage Elementary School in Madison, Alabama is taking the word “Easter” out of Easter so the Easter bunny changes. The principal saying “we just make sure we don’t say ‘the Easter bunny’ so that we don’t infringe on the rights of others, because people relate the Easter bunny to religion”.
    The clue is in her genes.

It all amounts to a lot of politically correct stupidity except for the ISIS bit and that’s  Islam (the non-Christian religion) at its most extreme.

And finally.
To my personal troll who often railed at me about being someone for hire and whether I was ever fit to be called a Christian. Happy Easter.

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Strike 3?

Some are calling it, ‘Sabre rattling’, I’m thinking ‘pathetic’.
Rather like the firing all those cruise missiles and the bomb damage subsequently screened on multiple media outlets.
It all looked pretty limp.

There has been a lot of UK press about the MOAB dropped by the US mil.
From the get go I’ll say I don’t agree with its use on such a minor target.
The BDA assessment by the Afghanistan military on the MOAB was it killed just 36 ISIS terrorists. So lets look at the cost effectiveness of this act of stupidity.

One MOAB costs about $16 million, and 20 have been produced, according to the military equipment site
So that’s $444,444.44 a head.
Sound like a good return for one boom? I don’t think so.

This is not sensible.
It’s just a display of Boyz Toyz by someone trying too hard to look hard BUT, comparing it with the pounding of ISIS in Syria by the Russians munitions, the biggest dick award still goes to the Russians.

Now it seems the US press is spinning this as a demonstration of power to North Korea.
Like they give a toss. They have nukes, delivery systems, and apparently (probably even more false news) with Sarin payloads.

I don’t understand world politics but I can identify the unstable despots, dangerous factions, and the really powerful (them who don’t need to try). And all three of them are getting well upset with Trump’s antics.

Interesting flash news!
GOOGLE have declared that the ‘world’ is searching the hardest it ever has for articles about the forthcoming WW3.
I think they are right to do so and, if you’re not a prepper, it might be a good idea to putting some thought into making a basic (BOB) ‘bug out bag’ up with particular attention to (PPE) ‘personal protection equipment’ in case the air starts to glow!

Anyway I’ve got a few questions bugging me like:-
Who is running the US? As I’m not sure that it’s POTUS.
Who is running the US military? Because it looks like they are.
Who are the mental midgets driving things onwards to the brink of war?
And finally should everyone be worried?

I’ll answer that for me and my own, YES!

With a foreign secretary like Poodle Johnson and a Secretary of Defence ‘Nursery Supremo’ Fallon on the UK team!?! Yep, I’m worried.
Worried these fools will sign us up for destruction as part of a screwball coalition with Trump in charge and NATO as the geniuses they think they are (but blatently aren’t).

Anyway for me this is strike 3 and Trump’s struck out!
He has lost my support (like anyone in the US cares) because he is endangering the world, my world, and could just start a war as he strives to win a top award as a:-

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Repair Unlikely

I’m a dinosaur, it’s as simple as that.
Why? Because I’m old school. Something fails, breaks, or otherwise needs attention, I’m your boy. It doesn’t need to high-tech, I’ll have a go at anything.
What does annoy me though is the modern world and its ‘throw away’ mentality.
Actually that’s not exactly true.
Through the world you’ll find mechanics taking apart truck engines on the side of the road using the most basic of hand tools, TV and computer engineers fixing things on customers premises, you name it, you’ll find it.

So what is it I’m moaning about.
I suppose it’s the lack of basic knowledge among preppers and survivalists regarding the equipment they use. Only lets not limit this moan to them.

What about gun owners.
A few don’t even know how to clean their weapons effectively!
Yes, I regard cleaning weapons as routine maintenance because if you don’t keep your weapon clean, it will fail. But here’s the thing. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and without adequate training and practice. That’s CONSTANT PRACTICE folks.

Now let’s get high-tech for a second.
After all the professional prepper and survivalist just isn’t playing the game unless they are laden down with the latest must have gizmo.
Take the humble GPS.
I’ve got a question for you. It may sound equipment specific but it’s not.
The operating range of my little unit is (-4°F to 158°F, or -20 to 70°C).
So, the two AA (LR6) batteries I use need to be selected carefully in weather extremes.
Why? Lets look at the common battery types they recommend:-
You can use alkaline, NiCd, NiMH, or Li-ion batteries.
NiCd, NiMH work between -20 to 65 Celsius.
However they don’t do well in the cold so the manual recommends the use if Li-ion.
That works well at low temperatures i.e. -20 Celsius.

So does this sound like good advice?
Operationally yes, that’s good advice, only have you ever tried recharging a Li-ion battery below freezing (0º Celsius or under) or over 50º Celsius?
After all rechargeable batteries don’t last forever do they?

One of the lesser advertised effects of trying to charge a frozen Li-ion is cell failure, the main worry for you is the other effect, BOOM! Boom that can happen from a simple thing like rough handling, or just trying to draw too much current, A boom without warning!

As for charging it when it’s too hot (over 50º Celsius) or even too fast?
The effect is called thermal runaway.
The battery swells rapidly and self destructs, usually explosively, with acrid smoke and fire. Truly nice.

So did you know this?
Especially those living in extremes of temperature.
Because it’s not in ‘The GPS manual’ and is seldom mentioned as a hazard in a lot of other equipment IT IS A KNOWN DANGER OF LITHIUM BATTERIES.
After that I’ve got a question. How many of you knew of this?

Some will be saying no problem they have an intelligent charger thus will be able to cope with such problems. Yeah right. Tried that theory in practice yet, pre freezing a Ltihium battery in the deep freeze before hand?
Scientists have however found a way of building in a ‘pre-heater’ into a Li-ion battery to prevent BOOM but we’re talking years before it becomes commercially (and cheaply) available.

Knowledge. It’s not just reading the manual is it?
You need a broad spectrum knowledge about anything you carry, use, or will otherwise trust your life with.

Years ago I talked about the wired telephone system.
How to jack into it. Which is kinda important if calling rescue is you sat alongside a telephone line miles from anywhere. Hands up all those who could?

Your Katadyne water filter breaks.
Which parts are essential to extract in order to make a truly efficient expedient way of purifying water.  Or haven’t you thought along those lines yet?

The answer?
1 is the pre-filter,
2 is the replaceable main filter.

Plus using your smarts!

Start reading guys and girls.
Your life may just depend on the stupid question you never asked for fear of ridicule or failed to read about because you were too busy.

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Poodle Johnson is dismayed?

Boris Johnson has said he is “dismayed” at Russia’s veto of a UN resolution condemning the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The foreign secretary urged the country to stop acting “as a lifeline for Assad’s murderous regime”.

Probably shouldn’t have threatened them with sanctions then BORIS.

Meanwhile the talks in Russia fell so flat they are still scraping them off the sidewalk.
Only is anyone surprised?

You know the more I look at the footage, the more I flinch about amateur hour with respect to handling “supposed” sarin contaminated bodies.
That alone contradicts the claims about Sarin.
If you don’t know what sarin is, The US CDC site has a basic guide to it here.

How people can be exposed to sarin

  • Following release of sarin into the air, people can be exposed through skin contact or eye contact. They also can be exposed by breathing air that contains sarin.
  • Sarin mixes easily with water. Following release of sarin into water, people can be exposed by touching or drinking water that contains sarin.
  • Following contamination of food with sarin, people can be exposed by eating the contaminated food.
  • A person’s clothing can release sarin after it has come in contact with sarin vapor, which can lead to exposure of other people.

Thus my comments about the first responders and even in the hospitals.
Surgical masks can’t filter our SARIN, let alone no gloves!

Ho hum, WMD’s Iraq style Intel again and questionable over reaction by ‘Der Management!”

Ultimately the scene is set for another false flag “incident”.

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House Sitting

Once more we’re house sitting. (Well sort of).
Preparations for our trip are “almost” complete (the ‘to do’ list is now a single page) and we’ve arranged temporary accommodation for our return to our adopted town.

It’s sooo strange to wake up with the sound of traffic again, no ducks, having slept on a bed that doesn’t rock me asleep at night. Thus I’ve been waking up every couple of hours, disoriented and disturbed.

As for room? Why are rooms 8 feet tall? That and so big!
No wonder we were able to heat our little home so easily.
The whole living accommodation on the boat was 31 x 6 x 6 =1116 cubic feet
The bedroom I slept in last night? 12 x 10 x 8 = 960 cubic feet

Now I’m afeared about heating bills in the winter using central heating.
Hell the thought of bills full stop is scary!
So that’s looking like a multi-fuel stove, or stoves right through the house!
At £300 a pop, plus £150 fuel a year? Yeah, that’s doable.
There is an argument on whether we fit an oil-fired boiler.
Two arguments in fact.
First you buy the heating oil, you’re in charge of how much you use. That’s good.
Second, if the stoves were fitted with back boilers, then that would heat the water in the house BUT it would mean running the stoves everyday (even in summer) to generate the same hot water. That’s bad.
While heating oil is relatively cheap NOW it seems the better answer.
Only what’s going to happen in years to come as old becomes more expensive?

Cooking? That cost us £27 for 10 months (a bottle of gas).
I dread to think what mainstream gas would cost us in the UK today.
As for electricity? No way will we cook on an electric cooker ever again!
Thus our little gas hob (complete with propane  bottle) will be installed.
As a back up we’ll be returning to slow cooking on the multi-fuel stoves.
Been there, done that, it works well.

Waste collection, water supply, sewage . . . . oh err.

Thus a plan evolves.
A little place in the woods and natural waste disposal (cess pit)
Water? Well we could get that piped in (it’s sort of cheap) BUT if there is a stream / river near, then I’ll drive a sand spike well with a solar-powered pump to lift the water.
Solid waste? 20 gallon fire drum in the back garden. Cans flattened, probably buried as we don’t use a lot of them.

That’s got to be solar and a battery room / inverter and low voltage lighting though-out.
We’re used to that.
Only the use of an inverter isn’t something I like to do (the losses are frightening (60% efficiency at best) BUT modern oil-fired boilers all need mains to power and pump hot water. It’s a trade-off I suppose. Cheapish heat, expensive power use.

Water, sewage, light, heating, cooking, that’s the basics and we do ‘basic’ really well.
That leaves communications. A tough one.
Digital could be a mobile package or via a land line.
The likelihood of jacking into a free access port is “unlikely”.
Voice is easier, a mobile phone will do.

What’s left?
Here’s the funny bit.
Even if we take NOTHING from the infrastructure, we’ll be taxed for everything that everyone else uses. Local taxes are a bitch. Something for nothing in the main.
That will see about £1100 a year out each year.

Forced off the water by greed, with trepidation about the future, and still thinking:-

“Where the hell can we go where our money will stretch further.”

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Expedient Projectile Weapons

Effective projectile weapons, as in will disable (or better) an assailant.

  1. Long / Compound bow (Area denial, 100-250 metres, Accurate centre mass, 50-60 metres)
  2. Average power (125-150lb) Crossbow (30 to 50 metres)
  3. Slingshot / Catapult (25 metres)
  4. Air Weapon 12 ftlb (30 to 50 metres)
  5. Sling (Area denial, 80-100 metres, Accurate centre mass, 20-30 metres)
  6. Spear / Javelin (15-30 metres)
  7. Blow gun (10-20 metres)
  8. Boomerang / Throwing Stick (20-40 metres)

Practical Use Comments and Suggestions welcome!

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