Shooting Notes

.22 LR v .22 Air Rifle
A Simple Reticule
A tale of modifying Air pellets
Air rifle for hunting
Air gun Smack
Air pellet Penetration

Air Weapons and the need for speed
Angle Shooting
Annoying Laws
Aghh, Complex Sights
Armor piercing Pellets
Battery Powered
Barrel Scrubbing
Big Boyz Air Pistols
Biggest prey you can take down with a 22 pcp

Care of Ammunition
Carrying Mixed shotgun cartridges

Cree LED’s
Creepy Trigger

Grease and compressed air

Hand Pump
He aims, shoots, and misses.
Holding an air gun
Hollow grind screwdrivers
Impressive Water

Iron Sights
Just Stand Still
Lead Care
Leading the Target
Left Handed Shooters
Lock Time Excuses
Luddites and Smart Guns
MOA and Mils
Night Light and Scopes
O-Ring Failures

Pellet Flipping
Reactive Training
Ringing In The Ears
Riots and assault weapons.
Rust On A Blued Barrel

Safety Catches On Guns
Shooting in the wind.
Shooting Through Glass
Silent but deadly
Sling it
Smack Down Them Bunnies
Soft Lead
Springer Jump
Springer Maintenance

Stale Air
Take Cover
The Errant Seagull (putting it all together)
Tuning an Air Rifle
Why I prefer Air.
Why Not Shields?

Go on, grade me!

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