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UK government. No guts for a fight

UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May is gearing up to offer the EU a ‘divorce payment’ worth up to £30 billion in a bid to break the deadlock on a post-Brexit trade deal AND continue contributing to the EU budget during … Continue reading

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The Worm Turns?

Well I’d like to think so but in Brexit and it’s getting so farcical I talked about the so-called EU divorce bill. It seems that the political hatchets are out at last although I’m not quite sure who they are … Continue reading

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Labour MP ‘bricked’ on a meet and greet.

MP Steve McCabe was left with facial injuries when he was hit in the face with a brick thrown by a motorcyclist. It may come a shock to the political classes but ‘the streets’ absolutely loath the outcast profession called … Continue reading

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Detached from reality

Nothing demonstrates more the disconnect from what the average Joe and Jane are putting up with and government than this. They “debated” the question of zero hours contracts. That’s where you are ’employed’ but have no guaranteed hours, usually minimal … Continue reading

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Thousands Protest

THOUSANDS of angry protesters marched on Downing Street demanding justice. The march chanting “no justice, no peace” at the Government’s response to the disaster. A few of the more cynical point out that there was a lot of previously prepared … Continue reading

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The rage erupts.

Protesters stage sit-in at Kensington Borough Council Theresa May goes to church to meet families of lost , is greeted by angry protesters, then chased off. The hostile crowd shouted “get her out!” Theresa May was slipped out by a … Continue reading

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Forgive them as they know not what to say

It’s in the world’s political manual of what to do when everything is falling apart. Trump withdraws from the climate change con and everyone from the delusional to the politicians gets angry. So what exactly are they upset about? $11.6 … Continue reading

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