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Every four years

The government re-assess me medically even though the medical ex-spurts have given up on me years ago and put that prognosis in writing. Like a bad smell a huge form comes through the post and I have to repeat everything … Continue reading

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UK Prepper Forums

So, I thought I’d go for a browse at the state of play and one took my eye. Bit different from last time, the rules and regulations about what can be written, and thought, are typically UK aka Very PC, … Continue reading

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“Us” looking Inwards.

Do you know yourself? I mean REALLY know yourself? Can you look into a mirror and analyse yourself? I’m working with SWMBO on this article as we work as a double act each seeing different aspects of the other and … Continue reading

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Prepping. A science, sport, hype, or fantasy?

You could be forgiven for thinking it’s always going to end in war by reading the gun hoe, survivalist, and patriot type forums, websites, and blogs. Especially if you have an interest in weaponry, and ESPECIALLY if you are resident … Continue reading

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