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Damian Green Scandal

David Davis has threatened to resign as Brexit Secretary if Damian Green is sacked over allegations by a former detective that he viewed “thousands” of pornographic images on work computers. I’ve absolutely no problem with that. This is the classic … Continue reading

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Checks and Balances

Following growing expectations of an imminent breakthrough in the Brexit negotiations, the Prime Minister rejected suggestions that the Government was poised to pay an exit fee of up to £50billion. She said she was “still in negotiations” with Brussels and … Continue reading

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Guardian and Brexit.

They write:- Brexit talks: for all Britain’s bluster, the EU has it over a barrel. Brussels no longer pretends it is in ‘negotiations’ with the UK – [Theresa] May must either meet its demands or walk off a cliff.  A … Continue reading

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We’re being suckered by Theresa May

British press reports, seen in Brussels as planted leaks from May’s team, suggesting she might offer to pay something like 40 billion pounds ($53 billion) have encouraged EU negotiators. This is not right and a clear indication of weakness if … Continue reading

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NBC, a joke in my time.

From NBC. KENT, England — Fruit grower Tim Chambers left 150 tons of raspberries, worth just over $1 million, to rot on the bush in June. With too few laborers to pick produce on his farms, he also decided not … Continue reading

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Russia is off the hook!

The US Government issued an alert this week that recent cyber attacks from the North Korean regime have targeted its aerospace, telecommunications and financial industries. This comes after the US Department of Homeland Security admitted that hackers could now “take … Continue reading

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So there is at least one voice with a brain.

Richard Tice, co-chairman of Leave Means Leave said: “The EU want Britain to remain trapped in the EU during a transition period, abiding by the laws of the EU and still funding the EU. At the same time it wants … Continue reading

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