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Next Order Of Business, Hard Brexit!

BRUSSELS boss Jean-Claude Juncker today tore into Britain’s negotiating stance over Brexit and said there was no chance of trade talks beginning before the divorce is settled. Time to stop playing Pattie Cake David Davis. You could start by telling … Continue reading

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Brexit negotiations collapsing

The Brussels bloc is insisting that, before a free trade deal is discussed, there must be “sufficient progress” on EU citizens’ rights, the amount Britain will pay in its “Brexit bill” and Northern Ireland. So that’s a waste of time … Continue reading

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The Worm Turns?

Well I’d like to think so but in Brexit and it’s getting so farcical I talked about the so-called EU divorce bill. It seems that the political hatchets are out at last although I’m not quite sure who they are … Continue reading

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All Poles are welcome?

A British model was kidnapped and held captive in Italy for six days, police have said, by a man who reportedly intended to auction her on the dark web. A Polish national with British residence has been arrested on suspicion … Continue reading

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When you hear hooves, think horses

Except when the money think that, they’ll come up with Brexit every time to cover up with their failings, or that of the government. Brexit: New car registrations still down signalling weakening consumer confidence. The Bank of England flagging weak … Continue reading

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Brexit and it’s getting farcical

Negotiating, even with idiots, you never lay out your strategy before the event. You never quote figures or even suggest figures unless it is in a dynamic conversation i.e. you’re haggling! So for the UK “government” or is it their … Continue reading

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The true caliber of our politicians

Brexit. That’s Britain regaining control of our lives, our country, keeping what is rightfully ours, shutting out those who would exploit our limited resources, and protecting not only our industries, but our people from Europe. Except if you are a … Continue reading

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