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Russia enters the game

SPOTTED: Putin ‘moves military forces’ to North Korean border as world prepares for WAR. VIDEO has been released (on social media) allegedly showing a mass military mobilisation in Vladivostok, Russia, just eight miles from the border with North Korea, as … Continue reading

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The Russian Bear’s all.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Russia is “stronger than any potential aggressor” because it has modernised its nuclear missiles and other forces. He also said the US withdrawal in 2001 from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty had “created the conditions … Continue reading

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When China speak the West should listen

BEIJING: Western powers should take into consideration Russia’s legitimate security concerns over Ukraine, a top Chinese diplomat has said in an unusually frank and open display of support for Moscow’s position in the crisis.[Source] Why should the West listen? Because … Continue reading

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World Chaos

All about the Western world’s ability to totally muck things up. (NATO, The UN, and the EU) For this post these three will be known as “three stooges” Why do the “three stooges” keep meddling? Is it just a power … Continue reading

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Better the devil you know.

Go on admit it. For all your countries faults I’ll bet you wouldn’t like to change your place of residence to one outside your countries borders. OK, there will be some people reading this thinking “Just give me the chance” … Continue reading

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