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Cold and Weapon Care

An article I wrote years ago for a pest controllers magazine. Here reprinted (and updated) following a memory jog from SHTF prepper. Air weapons. Basically there are four types of air weapons. Spring Piston Gas Ram CO2 cartridge powered Pre-charged … Continue reading

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It’s Summer

And about now the last thing inexperienced people in the open will be worrying about is HYPOTHERMIA. One word, WRONG! I am always amazed by the resistance to the statement that more people will die of hypothermia in the summer … Continue reading

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Cold Start, Old Battery

Update to original Post titled  Cold Starting Diesels November 12, 2013 It’s all about the battery. Diesels take a lot of power to crank them due to the high-compression in the engines (Typically 20:1) . That’s typically twice that of … Continue reading

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Handicapped Survival

Only what do you call handicapped? Elderly, physically, mentally, dependent on medication, or needing a special diet. These are a few of the generally thought of categories when talking about the handicapped. Yet can any of the above survive as … Continue reading

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Are you cold?

Can you do this? Touch your thumb to your little finger One of the most important things in the cold is to maintain your dexterity. That’s the ability to perform manual tasks, especially with the hands. Get too cold and … Continue reading

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Match Light.

I watched in silent laughter as a smoker tried in vain to light a cigarette in the howling wind and had to give up. Yep, I’m the worse sort of ex-smoker, the type who gave up smoking through will power. … Continue reading

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You can always take it off.

Winter is taking it’s time arriving here. Today the temperature was 13° Celsius even when it rained. Only you can tell those who are “trained” to survive living on a boat or the outdoors. They go everywhere dressed for bad weather … Continue reading

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