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Who’s Britain gave in?

Britain CAPITULATES? UK finally accepts it WILL have to foot a bill for Brexit. Screams the headline. OK there are two points here. Britain, GREAT Britain, doesn’t agree with paying off these leeches at all! However the make-believe state called … Continue reading

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UKIP still speaking sense

All but destroyed by the sheeple vote during the snap election, UKIP have sat quietly (well sort of) in the background watching, like many of us are, the farce that is the Brexit negotiations. Then today they issued this thought. … Continue reading

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Merkels New Song

She’s got the whole of the EU in her hand She’s got the whole wide EU in her hand She’s got her whole world in her hand She’s got the new little bitty baby in her hand The little bitty … Continue reading

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EU say Sod off.

The standard of UK news reporting is beginning to emulate the US media in its hysteria. BREAKING: Tusk and Juncker REJECT May’s EU migrants plan in bid to make Brexit impossible. UPDATE 21 h BST The President of France Emmanuel … Continue reading

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Slap Time for the EU’s money men.

Statement. London is currently the world leader for the clearing of all types of currency-denominated derivatives including the euro. And the European Union want to take that business away? The City (aka the money) will of course wring their hands … Continue reading

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Two things that can cause conflict

No money and homelessness. BRUSSELS has admitted that one in four people inside the EU are on the verge of poverty, amid growing concerns that the European project faces years of instability. (Eurostat estimates that 19.121 million men and women … Continue reading

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WTH is this all about

US sends B52 bombers to UK to bolster defences against Russian aggression. (Fri, Jun 2) Bolster defenses? How exactly are they going to do that journalists? Will they stop a cruise missile or even a RHIB with half a dozen … Continue reading

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