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Negotiating with terrorists

It used to be one of the unbreakable rules of Great Britain. YOU NEVER NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS OR GIVE INTO THEIR DEMANDS. That was until Great Britain gave in to the IRA (terrorists). Fast forward to today, and we’ve got … Continue reading

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Northern Ireland

The European Union has put forward a plan to effectively split Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK after Brexit. A leaked European Commission document, which emerged yesterday, suggested Northern Ireland must effectively remain in the Single Market and … Continue reading

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So there is at least one voice with a brain.

Richard Tice, co-chairman of Leave Means Leave said: “The EU want Britain to remain trapped in the EU during a transition period, abiding by the laws of the EU and still funding the EU. At the same time it wants … Continue reading

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When exactly is leaving (not)?

The EU are holding discussions as to how any Brexit transition period would work once the UK leaves the EU after April 2019. One paper indicates that the UK would have to abide by all new EU laws during the … Continue reading

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Short memory?

Writing in today’s Guardian, Mr Puigdemont wrote: “Catalonia is right now the only territory in the European Union that has been denied the supreme law its citizens voted for; the parliament that its citizens elected; the president that this parliament … Continue reading

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Spain, where freedom is only a word.

Catalonia. The Catalan regional parliament has voted 70-10 in favor of breaking free from Madrid, in bold defiance of both the Spanish government and the EU. Spain. They don’t like that one little bit. Thus the police chief isn’t anymore, … Continue reading

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MINISTERS were accused of surrendering to Brussels last night after pledging that British troops will continue to serve in EU military forces after Brexit. So there you go. I’m wondering now how many Brexit voting, truly British, armed forces personnel … Continue reading

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