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Keep your friends close and enemies closer.

I’m getting well confused with Trump. Or should I say the US government. Did Trump not say that constant US intervention in world events was something he didn’t want and he would better spend his time making the US great … Continue reading

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Saw this and chuckled

Merkel and Islam equals World War 3 is the main banner. The narrative. We do not want Islam in the Czech republic / block against Islam. (Which, funny enough, is exactly how I feel.) Anyway so much for political correctness, … Continue reading

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There’s a war coming

Civil war in the US? Some say it’s already started. People are blaming the gun culture of the US but I’m blaming the political, race, and religious divisions that never went away and have proven conclusively that the politics of … Continue reading

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Europe Burns.

ANNUAL May Day protests have descended into violence as thousands took to the streets across many European cities. Looking at the pictures on the media, you’ve got the Lefties (mainly made up by disgruntled school kids with nappies tied round … Continue reading

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They spoke as one.

MEPs approved negotiators taking a tough line during Brexit talks, by a margin of 560-133, following the two-hour debate in Strasbourg. The European Parliament insisted Britain must meet all its financial obligations and rejected any “cherry-picking” of privileged access to … Continue reading

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Politically Biased BBC

It’s sickening to read this article by the BBC who seem to be intent on lessening the impact of migrant rapes throughout Europe starting with Sweden by attacking Nigel Farage and playing the ‘official statistics’ game. (BBC) Reality Check verdict: … Continue reading

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Whose problem?

Britain faces the prospect of millions of Afghan refugees making their way to Europe unless British troops maintain their presence, the Defence Secretary has warned. Sir Michael Fallon said that Afghanistan risked “collapse” if British soldiers pulled out and the UK … Continue reading

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