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No Go Zone

Warning long post, Stock up on biscuits and hot drinks. Three in front, one to the side was a post about walking through the park at night and what happened. I thought it might have left a taint on the … Continue reading

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There is another EU country biting back.

Austria. Authorities have written a law which means rejected refugees will no longer be entitled to provisions paid for by the country’s taxpayers. Other harsh changes will be fines or prison sentences for migrants who lie about their identity. Or, … Continue reading

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Fearful Mind

If you had to kill, what’s stopping you? There is a whole load of emotions are involved when killing. Any of them can make that trigger feel REALLY HEAVY. Cultural conditioning, moral and religious upbringing may make killing hard. As … Continue reading

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Why do you pee when it’s cold

 “It’s Called Cold Diuresis”. How it works is this (Sort of). When you get cold the body shuts down the blood flow to your extremities (fingers and toes) and all that lovely warm blood gets forced into your central body … Continue reading

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