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Blood out of a stone

Average council tax bills are set to soar by £107 after the Government told town halls they could increase charges by an inflation-busting 6 per cent. The police will also be allowed to charge an extra £12 per household next … Continue reading

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BOE/ONS Accounting Lies

The Consumer Prices Index held steady at 3% in October, confounding forecasts of another rise, which would have forced Bank of England Governor Mark Carney to explain himself in an open letter to Chancellor Philip Hammond. Despite food prices hitting … Continue reading

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Isn’t it time we stopped pussy footing around?

The UK has been rocked by four terror attacks in 2017, with the most recent attack taking place at Parsons Green tube station last month. But despite this string of attacks, relatively few people have been killed by terrorist attacks in the UK … Continue reading

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Polite Social Cleansing (UK style).

A number of councils in England are regularly buying one-way train tickets for homeless people out of their area, the Victoria Derbyshire show has found. Well color me surprised. Surprised that this hasn’t been exposed before now. There were 4,134 … Continue reading

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Damn it, I hate paperwork!

Moving, and all this needs addresses updating. Driving Licenses (Legal requirement-immediate) Car registration documents (Legal requirement-immediate) Car and life insurances (Commercial-immediate) Pensions (State and personal before the month ends) Social Security (Government, legal requirement-immediate) Tax man (VERY government but I’ll … Continue reading

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Don’t tell anyone, Trump was right.

London Tube Bomb. When Trump said the terrorist was on the police radar, he should have said “Was he on the police radar. Apart from that, he was bang on. The 18-year-old Iraqi refugee who planted the subway train bomb. … Continue reading

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Albanian Crime

Police are facing an Albanian crime wave with 50 thugs arrested each week amid a surge in drug-related gang warfare. New figures revealed thousands of people from the tiny Balkan state are being detained in the UK for murder, sex … Continue reading

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