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The boy squeaks

NORTH Korea is a “real danger” and Britain must “step up” to deal with the “massive threat”, according to the UK’s Defence Secretary. Gavin Williamson warned that the UK will “never hesitate” to deal with aggressive threats from North Korea. … Continue reading

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WW3 threat has a new tale of woe

‘Vastly outnumbered’ US troops could ‘LOSE A WAR’ against North Korea, US Chief warns. US TROOPS are vastly outnumbered and under supplied if World War 3 with North Korea breaks out, Lieutenant General Jan-Marc Jouas warned in a leaked letter … Continue reading

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A fool and his brain are soon parted.

And so it came to pass that Russia has just waded in. RUSSIA has warned the US to back down over growing crisis in North Korea … Lavrov told Tillerson growing tensions in the Korean Peninsula are “unacceptable”. So that’s … Continue reading

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Fallon Get Twitchy

UK’s Defense Secretary Fallon says “London is at risk from North Korea’s nuclear missile program” as DPRK’s advances in missile technology puts Britain under threat. So exactly how are you going to defend us Fallon? After all you spent the … Continue reading

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Scary time

RUSSIA and China have developed a plan to put an end to North Korea’s repeated threats and are urging the US the join them. It’s getting a bit tiresome. The world knows North Korea is dangerous but making constant threats … Continue reading

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I nearly wet myself laughing.

‘Poodle’ Boris Johnson has ordered North Korea to stop risking international security and adhere to UN resolutions. OMG, I can almost feel Kim Jong-Un’s anguish following the threatening tone of the most stupid of UK’s leadership. Perhaps he will sell … Continue reading

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