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Merkel Muss Weg!

Or, for the non-German speaking among us, Merkel Must Go! A common chant in the Germany as Chancellor Angela Merkel (already pelted with tomatoes) faced another enraged crowd of 3000 which branded her a “traitor”. Something comes to mind here. … Continue reading

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Media Comment Hamburg

Mutti is taking flak big time. Bild in Germany printed a truth which everyone should inwardly digest:- “The terrible message of Hamburg is: When the mob wants to rule, it will.” Spiegel Online:- [Merkel] “must realise that it is mostly … Continue reading

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Hamburg’s Hell Week.

German Chancellor ‘Mutti’ Angela Merkel condemned the violent protests as ‘unacceptable’. I can imagine the conversation between her ego and the security chief. Him. “Don’t hold the talks in Hamburg, we can’t control the situation in a city”. Her. ” … Continue reading

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France’s Macron

So there you have it, France has a boy wonder in charge. He carefully said what everyone wanted to hear, knew all the right people, but now the fun begins. Promising everything to everyone will be impossible to deliver, especially … Continue reading

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Frau Merkel Rant

ANGELA Merkel has warned Britons not to delude themselves over a future relationship with the bloc in a major speech to German politicians this morning. You see this is where Mutti Merkel has it wrong. “Stripped of rights” she said. … Continue reading

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Europe’s dying gripe

European leaders rounded on Donald Trump as Angela Merkel warned the US and UK that cutting corporation tax would represent a race to the bottom. Francois Hollande, the French President, accused Mr Trump of a lack of “respect” for the European … Continue reading

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Mutti Merkel Mouths Off

The German Chancellor (Angela Merkel) has given a thinly veiled threat of legal action against the new President of the United States, revealing she is “striving for legal clarity”.  Her and the Swedish PM Stefan Lofven both tearing into President … Continue reading

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