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Finsbury Park Mosque, London.

Van hits Muslim worshippers at Finsbury Park One person killed and eight injured One person arrested Suspect screamed he wanted to ‘kill all Muslims’ Theresa May calls it terrible. There again she would wouldn’t she? A shining example of her … Continue reading

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News Snippet

David Cameron gave up hunting and shooting in 2005 but since his resignation as PM, he has reportedly returned to hunting pheasants – going out twice in the past five months. () Perfect, payback time for whoever wanted too. Him, … Continue reading

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A new word to me this was and when I read it the first time I thought it was a sex act. Then I thought it was one of those words that the media made up like “benefit scum” in … Continue reading

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Recipe For Payback

In the article UK’s uncertain future I laid out a brief picture of what is happening in the UK to millions of people. I called the situation a RECIPE FOR PAYBACK, simmering away and coming up to boiling point. It could … Continue reading

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