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The thin blue line starts to unravel

Norfolk constabulary wants to axe all of its police community support officers because of budget cuts and concentrate its resources on tackling growth in complex crimes such as sexual abuse. The plan would make the Norfolk force the first in … Continue reading

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Public Trust In A Police Force.

The Chief Constable of the VERY white Cheshire force says he wants to break the law to raise the number of black officers. (Link) Break the law? He wants to bring in positive discrimination to push on the hiring of … Continue reading

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Arm the UK Police?

All police officers in England and Wales are to be asked if they want to routinely carry a gun. OK, but isn’t it about time the law-abiding were allowed to decide that too? Arming the police will do nothing to … Continue reading

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Criminal youth own the streets.

A pub landlord, Stephen Jamieson, who was plagued by gangs of youths has been jailed, for assaulting a teenager he accused of throwing stones, breaking windows and doors. His partner told the newspaper, “There is a gang going around robbing … Continue reading

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19 Years in UK forces and:-

A Special Forces commando told last night how he was hounded out after being falsely accused of killing three civilians during a fierce battle in Afghanistan. The Special Boat Service sergeant resigned in disgust following a year-long Royal Military Police … Continue reading

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As dawn came up.

Early, real early, but I needed a walk. Not unknown, nice pre-dawn day, and warm. So out I go, no dog, no cars, a quiet time to calm the mind. Ordinarily there are very few around at that time but … Continue reading

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The thin blue line

UK Police forces are buckling with more than 21,000 bobbies axed since the Tories came to power in 2010. Officers have been cut by 14.9 per cent in England and Wales, yet crime rose by nine per cent last year … Continue reading

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