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It’s official, Brexit is screwed (and by default me).

Brexit has been watered down by some of the most insipid politics you’ll ever see. In short there are three flavors of Brexit being discussed. International Trade Secretary Liam Fox is leading the ‘hard’ Brexit group with Boris Johnson, Chris … Continue reading

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Today has been frustrating

There is something like 10 MAJOR aggregator property search engines in the UK. And they all do things slightly differently. For example:- A house in one displays trailers and park homes in another. The word detached can apply to flats … Continue reading

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Labour MP ‘bricked’ on a meet and greet.

MP Steve McCabe was left with facial injuries when he was hit in the face with a brick thrown by a motorcyclist. It may come a shock to the political classes but ‘the streets’ absolutely loath the outcast profession called … Continue reading

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History Repeats?

Back in the 50’s I can remember my soldier father teaching my mother how to duck and cover, tape up windows, and convert the cellar to a shelter. All because he was on 6 hour notice and couldn’t get time … Continue reading

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Sometimes I just don’t understand the deeply religious.

The family of Westminster terror attack victim Kurt Cochran refused to condemn the killer today, saying: “We harbour no ill will towards him.” His last day was to be spent sight-seeing in London following a visit to Mrs Cochran’s parents … Continue reading

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Theresa May B.S.

The London’s Metropolitan police force (London) has increased its number of armed officers, but is still 600 short of its target number. However, 5100 troops are ready to step in if needed. Wow, the UK’s mainstream media have finally reported … Continue reading

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A terrorist dies and the Queen is to send a note to his family?

Maybe she should have read the newspapers first to remind herself of just how noble his cause was. ‘I hope he’s in hell for all eternity’: As death of IRA commander Martin McGuinness prompts a wave of tributes, Lord Tebbit’s … Continue reading

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