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The NHS fail again.

(RT) Children as young as ten are being asked whether they are confused about their gender in a new survey distributed to schools by the National Health Service (NHS). Critics have called the question ‘intrusive.’ The survey, conducted by the … Continue reading

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Are 126 million Americans too stupid to think for themselves?

After all with the following news you’ve got to wonder. Facebook has said as many as 126 million American users may have seen content uploaded by Russia-based operatives over the past two years. The social networking site said about 80,000 … Continue reading

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Disrespect To The Fallen

Poppy Day parades to honor Britain’s war dead are facing the axe because police chiefs across the country are refusing to send officers to block off roads. Campaigners have blasted forces for breaking the decades-old tradition, but senior officers say they … Continue reading

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Capital Projects a waste of money

Two aircraft carriers which will never carry jets. 2017 (HMS Queen Elizabeth) 2020 (HMS Prince of Wales) costing a total of £6.2 Billion. Only hang on a bit, they need their own docks as they are so big. So we’ll add … Continue reading

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Heart Attack UK

Bang! and you re dealing with a heart attack. Time is of the essence and even with assistance (someone pounding on your chest), there is a need to get a medic to you as soon as possible. Except in the … Continue reading

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Sleezeball Politics

The number of children in workless households has fallen to the lowest level on record in another sign of Britain’s buoyant jobs market. Behind this is an unfortunate state of affairs of the draconian rules for welfare set by this failed … Continue reading

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Lying Politicians

If you don’t study body language, If you can’t hear or read what they say, If you don’t watch their TV appearances, If you ignore all the media comment, And live on another planet, You might just think politicians are … Continue reading

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